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Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Detroit

"City Living with Some Great Benefits"

- marymfrederick
This is an excellent part of town with so many great benefits! First and foremost you are right on the river with great access, excellent views, and some homes that overlook it for the perfect blend....
42.3368110325687 -83.0216896036025

Wayne State

Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Detroit

"A Great School and So Much More"

- marymfrederick
This is where it's at! You have a top ranked school with many different programs to offer. You have a nice surrounding area for students and those that want to live in a hot spot of town. You have res...
42.3595118982498 -83.0755987899396
Ranked 3rd best neighborhood in Detroit

"One of the Largest Historical Districts in the Nation!"

- marymfrederick
If you want history then this is where to come! This happens to be one of the largest historical districts in the nation and that's a title that they take seriously. The homes are beautiful, the histo...
42.3774097716685 -83.0944003247877
Ranked 4th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Great Things Happening Here!"

- marymfrederick
What a great area of town! You not only are situated in a fabulous location right near the waterfront, but you have some pretty great amenities nearby. This is an accessible area of town as it is clos...
42.3458106845004 -83.022095126967
Ranked 5th best neighborhood in Detroit

"A True Epicenter of the Downtown Area"

- marymfrederick
If you love the combination of big city living and yet want to enjoy some of the amenities of a small town, then this is a great spot for you. So many people visit Eastern Market throughout the year t...
42.3498660752214 -83.0380979766579
Ranked 6th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Safe, Friendly, Clean"

- AjDS
This is a wonderfully balanced neighborhood in so many ways. It is relatively quiet, yet so close to more bustling areas of Detroit. You can easily walk to the core of Midtown and you're not far fro...
42.3628022041553 -83.0612639170784

Brush Park

Ranked 7th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Another classic Detroit area neighborhood located near downt..."

- rsnc
My former IT career has taken me all over downtown. I used to do technical support for an undercover police unit that was housed over here, but I can't tell you exactly where it is! The thing I li...
42.3449752257843 -83.0508998640938


Ranked 8th best neighborhood in Detroit

"A Great Spot with Rich History"

- marymfrederick
The architecture alone is a draw to this quaint little neighborhood. You feel in some ways like you are in the middle of a suburb and yet are reminded that you are in the midst of a great city. It's a...
42.3499515213438 -83.079699988046


Ranked 9th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Great for History in a Small Community"

- marymfrederick
This is a great area of town as it happens to be the city's oldest standing neighborhood. While it's true that it had much more activity when the old Tiger's Stadium was here, there are still some gre...
42.3323800396334 -83.0667544317199


Ranked 10th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Nice Little Area of Town"

- marymfrederick
Out with the old and in with the new...that's what we see in this little part of town! The recent demolition of the apartment building that sat vacant for years gave way to some really great things ha...
42.3406971923365 -83.0350561276254


Ranked 11th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Getting Better Everyday!"

- marymfrederick
Downtown Detroit is an area that is really growing and becoming better everyday. The downtown area covers a lot of different and smaller communities, but as a whole this is becoming an area that peopl...
42.333649686284 -83.0485642057944


Ranked 12th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Some Good Points"

- marymfrederick
This used to be an area that was completely run down and had little to offer...but times are changing! With the collection of great restaurants here such as Slow's BBQ and The Whitney amongst other th...
42.3451137629779 -83.0618645088969


Ranked 13th best neighborhood in Detroit

"A Good Spot on the Outskirts of Town"

- marymfrederick
Though this is at the far end of the Detroit city limits, it has a lot of great benefits to it. If you don't mind being a bit removed from the center of the city, you can capture a lot of great amenit...
42.3467124956279 -83.2608739006698
Ranked 14th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Mexicantown is Detroit's Most Diverse Neighborhood"

- GabrielD1
Mexicantown is a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood in Detroit bordering the highly desired Corktown. The community stands together on issues pertaining to parks and recreation and the close community fe...
42.3152126347471 -83.1037339278684
Ranked 15th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Nice Community with Good Highlights"

- marymfrederick
You have just about whatever you want nearby or within your grasp. This is truly big city living as it's right about the center of things and yet you have a little bit of peace and quiet if you want i...
42.3309376740098 -83.0834290388465
Ranked 16th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Some Notarity But Not Much Else"

- marymfrederick
If you have been to Mexicantown in Detroit then you have been to the Hubbard-Richard neighborhood. That is what this area is known for and that is its claim to fame. It has a number of Mexican restaur...
42.3203001821731 -83.0807499994961

Belle Isle

Ranked 17th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Belle Isle – What Happen to this Place?"

- herbivorehippie
Once upon a time, not so long ago, Belle Isle was the place to go where you could simply walk around, enjoy the views of the water and breathe in some fresh air. It used to be you couldn’t find a park...
42.3428445443157 -82.9740675179637


Ranked 18th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Great Potential and Hope for the Future"

- marymfrederick
So the truth about this neighborhood is that it's all across the board. There are pockets of the area that have nice homes and are well kept. Then you will find others just the opposite where there ar...
42.3060946506822 -83.1307491268228


Ranked 19th best neighborhood in Detroit

"Great Potential in the Future"

- marymfrederick
Briggs is one of those neighborhoods that is mixed in the sense that is is barren but being improved upon. This is unfortunately the depiction that you see on the news that has become the standard for...
42.3397240533426 -83.0751675322997


Ranked 20th best neighborhood in Detroit

"The good and the bad of Detroit"

- matthewfortuna
Rosedale has come to mirror a lot of what the city of Detroit has become. This neighborhood in the city displays the goods and bads of what has happened to the large metropolitan since the 1960s. It i...
42.3991906918416 -83.2075675171363
42.3925428592362 -83.1127000147347 5

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