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Just now

"Black flight and higher taxes have this neighborhood changing."

Garfield park has been emptying out for years as a result of the high crime. This coupled with increased taxes from the county/city has created a perfect opportunity for those interested in an area that is well underway in redevelopment.

There are of course still areas where gangs run the streets, but as residents move in the criminal elements are constantly on the move. In most cases, it's just a matter of getting the critical mass of residents on a block to push for change. Probably the biggest barrier to continued improvement is the lack of political will by the incumbents, who most likely won't be re-elected if their constituency changes too much. As a result, you'll get very little support from political leaders in helping to improve your living situation.

This is a similar thing that happened in DC and many other cities around the country. It's unfortunate that neighborhoods have to hit bottom before they come back up, but in the case of Garfield park it's about 5 years from it's current bottom with double digit percentage increases in property values every year.

These historical ROI's have brought much needed redevelopment to the area, demand driven in part by the influx of corporate offices from McDonald's, Google, and Caterpillar just a few train stops away on the Green line.

The neighborhood still has a long way to go before it stabilizes, but if you are someone looking for an area to live/invest, this is probably one of the only places in the city where it still makes sense.
  • Great housing stock
  • Affordable Houses
  • Great Investment
  • friendly people
  • Political Leadership Lacking
  • still some crime
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rlinni Hi Ryan, great posts. I'm looking at a place at Flournoy and Sacramento, any thoughts on that particular block?
ziggypop That's pretty much tri-taylor there, I don't drive the blocks south of 290 much but my guess is that you won't have much in the way of problems, that said you might already be subjected to the problems I encountered in the south loop back in the 90's/early 00's. When first moving down there, there was the usual riff-raff issue, but as money started pouring in down there property crimes skyrocketed, took about 5 years for that to finally level off and taper back. Many of these areas on the west side will likely undergo that same pattern. Personally, for EGP I would buy Presidential streets, east of the park, south of lake, north of 290, as close to mass transit (especially the green line) as I could get.
brittl I was hoping you could provide a little insight on how you feel the Sacramento/Madison area is. Im an interior designer and my boyfriend is a GC. We were considering purchasing (and living) in an investment property near there.
teel Hello, I've been reading your comments on Garfield Park, thanks for all of the great information. If you have any insight for Hamlin and Chicago Ave area I would appreciate your opinion. We found a great apartment and finished applying, my only concern would be being rejected by the neighborhood for looking different. We are latino / asian almost 30, the block seemed fine and our landlord has clearly made connections with neighbors and the community. Interested in your opinion as a final go ahead though. Thanks! - Theresa
teel A specific concern is that we have a dog and the safety of giving him short walks when we need to.
teel I guess it's actually in the middle of Humboldt Park.. sorry. Just blocks from Garfield Park, the park. Still interested in your opinion if you have one but I wanted to be sure to clarify for other readers. Thanks!
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