Best streets in Upper West Side

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Ranked 1st best street in Upper West Side

"Close to major streets, but nothing special. "

- andiefrancese
West 98th Street is largely a residential area and thus has very little going on. All the fun can be found on the Avenues that intersect it. The street crosses with Broadway and West End Avenue as wel...
40.7962585124096 -73.9715397412998
Ranked 2nd best street in Upper West Side

"Parks and peace "

- Cheesewrites
Situated between Riverside Park and Central Park West 89th Street is a paradise for those looking for a neighborhood that embodies a real spirit. I'm partial to the West Side and this is why. Cute caf...
40.7878215086766 -73.9693449872096
Ranked 3rd best street in Upper West Side

"Eat on a budget on the Upper West Side "

If you are sightseeing on Central Park West and get hungry, take a turn on West 72nd St. Central Park West is mostly residential and the other avenues offer dining but at a higher price. If you are...
40.7763645005111 -73.9762999992531
Ranked 4th best street in Upper West Side

"Get away from the crowd"

- sania
The central Park Ny is between the 86th and the 79th street. Spent a day up around central park (went to Museum of Nat. History then Central Park zoo) and it was nice to get away from the hustle of th...
40.7847225003039 -73.970097499556

West End Ave

Ranked 5th best street in Upper West Side

"Pricey but worth it. "

- Cheesewrites
I appreciate West End Avenue for it's nice residential feel and it's proximity to major roads. Broadway is just an Avenue away making everything extremely convenient. The street is well traveled but r...
40.8026395002913 -73.9678480011539

West 74 St

Ranked 6th best street in Upper West Side

"Discover something new"

- ajr67
As you can imagine from such a huge city like New York, there are going to be plenty of markets to consider and contend with but until you’ve seen Greenflea on Columbus Avenue you haven’t seen anythin...
40.7776490003279 -73.9752724995149

Riverside Dr

Ranked 7th best street in Upper West Side

"Gorgeous, underrated slice of NYC"

- ajadedidealist
The slender road that overlooks one of the city's lesser-known parks is one of the nicest in New York City. While areas like the Upper East Side and the various NoBeLiSpri (etc) clones are far more pu...
40.7928016066132 -73.9770265051021

West 70 St

Ranked 8th best street in Upper West Side

"Charm, charm and more charm"

- upperwestside
Easily one of the best streets on the upper west side, especially the park block portion of West 70th.
40.7755075086588 -73.9783289872355

West 86 St

Ranked 9th best street in Upper West Side

"Well,there is not a big rush...Restaurants are"

- Crodaddy
Well,street looks ugly on the first look...but after few minuts you can see that street is really great...
40.7853750001582 -73.9695274997681
Ranked 10th best street in Upper West Side

"West 110th is an up and coming street in NYC"

Frequented mostly by Columbia University students, many aren't aware of the unique cafes and shops that are popping up further east on 110th Street closer to Central Park. With the renovation of Fred...
40.8044265019571 -73.9673744973842
Ranked 11th best street in Upper West Side

"Central Park West"

- Macsizzle
96th and central park west is yellow cab city. A great place for taking pictures, this is the epitome of the Upper West Side. The streets are surprisingly clean, the real estate is expensive, and the...
40.7921500057707 -73.9658424915301
Ranked 12th best street in Upper West Side

"Very Busy and Totally Commercial"

- hhusted
What can I tell you. If you don't mind busy people coming and going, you won't mind being here. There really is a lot to offer. Many stores to choose from. There are even theaters to go to. I think it...
40.7867387048263 -73.9757046567019
Ranked 13th best street in Upper West Side

"Nice, Quiet, Relaxed"

- Anemone10
This street is worth visiting for Edgar’s Café on the intersection with Broadway. This restaurant has a sinister Edgar Allan Poe theme, and its dimly lit interior makes it a cozy place to linger over...
40.7845725086454 -73.9717174872438
Ranked 14th best street in Upper West Side

"Schools and Museum - A Great Choice"

- hhusted
If you travel down W. 78th Street, you may be happy to see what comes up at the end. The biggest attraction for anyone to see is the American Museum of Natural History. Although, you can gain access t...
40.7829814273556 -73.9800471607032
Ranked 15th best street in Upper West Side

"Definitely Upper Crust "

- drew76
West 73rd is in the middle of the Upper West Side. Surrounded by Amsterdam, Broadway, and Central Park West, this is the place where you can find anything in the city. From shopping to restaurants,...
40.7770425005007 -73.9758004992676
Ranked 16th best street in Upper West Side

"American Museum of Natural History"

- hhusted
The greatest and most often visited sport on W. 77th Street is the American Museum of Natural History. Everybody goes to this museum. Why not. It has a lot of history. It is hard to park around th...
40.7800660088062 -73.9749994873691
Ranked 17th best street in Upper West Side

"Comfortable oasis on the west end. "

- andiefrancese
I have always liked the west side. It's less commercialized in my opinion and West 83rd embodies that perfectly. The street is lined with great spots to stop in for a bite and convenient stores and se...
40.7839390086732 -73.9721779871952
Ranked 18th best street in Upper West Side

"You Want Commercial - You've Got It"

- hhusted
Most of W. 79th Street is made up of commercial facilities. But there are residential facilities here and there. The biggest attraction though, is the American Museum of Natural History. People, n...
40.7836496199954 -73.9795213185899
Ranked 19th best street in Upper West Side

"A Rather Nice Neighborhood"

- hhusted
If you like nice neighborhoods, you'll like W. 76th Street. It has a lot of greenery and nice clean streets. It also has some commercial establishments. It really is a nice neighborhood to walk in. Yo...
40.7794010086722 -73.9754849872927

West 75 St

Ranked 20th best street in Upper West Side

"Simply, Beautiful."

- drew76
This area of New York is beautiful - well, the Upper West Side tends to be, anyway. There is a wonderful restaurant called Fairway Cafe that specializes in Barbecue. New York Historical Society is a...
40.7782900003636 -73.9748214994693
40.7922353930107 -73.9754150337406 7

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