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Ranked 1st best street in Astoria

"The melting pot that is Queens"

- SNCastor
Steinway Street bisects some major streets in Queens - Astoria Boulevard and Ditmars Boulevard among them. This is a neighborhood of constant change. Some folks refer to parts of Steinway Street as...
40.7612242120003 -73.9171683408396

Crescent St

Ranked 2nd best street in Astoria

"A thruway of Astoria with small shops and most importantly,..."

- tmgaffney
Crescent Street is a thruway of Astoria in that it is used by residents to quickly get across a major section of neighborhood down to Long Island City. What is great about the avenue is that where it...
40.7638104570286 -73.9280448331714

34th Ave

Ranked 3rd best street in Astoria

"34th St and Vernon Blvd - Very Nice"

- hhusted
If you like parks, you will find one at the corner of Vernon Blvd and 34th St. The park is located behind a fence, but it is very beautiful. It is actually the highlight of the area. One place I would...
40.7597858192328 -73.9274941205255
Ranked 4th best street in Astoria

"Very Interesting Place To Be"

- hhusted
When I hear about Vernon Blvd I think of Hunter's Point. Hunter's Point is a pretty good area. It has its ugly looking streets, but the majority of the area looks pretty clean. There are also a lo...
40.7657917068106 -73.9401007645681

31st Ave

Ranked 5th best street in Astoria

"Between 30th and Broadway"

- aprique
This is an up-and-coming street, sandwiched between the higher-traffic broadway, and the hipper 30th Ave. But it's a great street to live on if you like to have shopping and night life accessible but...
40.7597274380891 -73.9137017035497

45th St

Ranked 6th best street in Astoria

"45th Street in Astoria, Queens"

- cibolover
I lived on 45th Street by Ditmars for the longest time. Although there is little transportation and it's a bit of a walk to the subway the quietness of the streets make up for it. Everything was cheap...
40.7610606669227 -73.9117608413327

I-- 278

Ranked 7th best street in Astoria

"Great NYC experience"

- Indaco
30th Avenue is a long street in Astoria, NYC. In the last years, this Queens northwest neighborhood has risen sharply. The first time I was there, I remember that I was pleased by this lively street....
40.7663097678337 -73.9037878992081
Ranked 8th best street in Astoria

"A shortcut block cutting through Astoria."

- tmgaffney
Once a "farmer's path" before Astoria was urbanized sometime in the late 19th century, Newtown Road is a diagonal section of road between Steinway Street and Northern Boulevard, starting at 41st Stree...
40.7583747279458 -73.9136405330836

43rd St

Ranked 9th best street in Astoria

"Great place to live if you don't mind being away from the tr..."

- cibolover
43rd Street is a great residental street if you don't mind being away from the public transportation. The houses are cute but there's not much street parking unless you go all the way down towards Dit...
40.7603584860415 -73.9145448905889

41st St

Ranked 10th best street in Astoria

"Good residential block, not much else of note."

- tmgaffney
The beauty of 41st Street lies not with the block itself, rather the position it holds in relation to other important areas of Astoria. It is one block off of Steinway Street, so you are close to all...
40.7603459485568 -73.9167802934948


Ranked 11th best street in Astoria

"A quiet internationalism"

- Uraniumfish
The fact that it shares the same name as Manhattan's Broadway invites comparison, but there are few similarities. You know what you're getting with a street in Astoria, and it certainly isn't flashing...
40.7599278349712 -73.9210269160048

30th Ave

Ranked 12th best street in Astoria

"32nd St - An Interesting Walk"

- hhusted
If you like to take walks down busy streets, you'll find 32nd St. to be one to take in. You'll find many stores and commercial buildings along the way. Right on the corner of 32nd St. and 30th Ave, y...
40.7632062192641 -73.9135351166756

28th St

Ranked 13th best street in Astoria

"Perfect place for a crazy date!"

- likearocket
One of the oddest places that I have been to is the Museum of Sex on 28th street. Though it you may think it is raunchy, it is actually quit educational and interesting. Nonetheless, I would not recom...
40.7596742152703 -73.9305581008404

29th St

Ranked 14th best street in Astoria

"On 29th Street"

- Macsizzle
This street in Brooklyn has some small businesses and something a little special... and frightening, being the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Don’t let that scare you away from the neighborhood. The look...
40.7615924430255 -73.9279000075691

36th Ave

Ranked 15th best street in Astoria

"Not bad, some cool less visited places."

- xaoticinfection
Less visited street of New York with some cool restaurants and a few other places. This street is situated in a pretty good spot in the city and is kind of cool. ended up on it by accident while visit...
40.7593525196808 -73.9356617574699

31st St

Ranked 16th best street in Astoria

"The good, the bad and the ugly..."

- SNCastor
31st Street in Queens/Astoria is a study in differences. In every block you find something different - from the food offered in the restaurants to what is sold in the little sole proprietorship shops...
40.7624591957002 -73.9249830287429

31st Dr

Ranked 17th best street in Astoria

"lots of rebuilding"

- aprique
I go here every weekend with my dog to the Socratese Sculpture Park. Just down from there is Costco, and beyond that, another great park to go with families and young kids. There's a playground, and p...
40.7665888660305 -73.9318282471349

21st St

Ranked 18th best street in Astoria

"Busy two way traffic street best for traveling by car."

- tmgaffney
21st Street is a major thruway in Astoria that can get you from east to west in a matter of minutes. The stop lights are timed especially for traffic so for drivers, this means you won't be waiting to...
40.7631525758289 -73.9336707621834

35th Ave

Ranked 19th best street in Astoria

"Long and Busy"

- JewishPimp02
12th street is a long street that cuts down through Queens. It varies from top to bottom. It has multiple businesses of all types. It also has many residences of all types. Like privately owned and pr...
40.7587137188271 -73.9297489009633
40.7613735927692 -73.9198760034382 7

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