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Woodland / Normanstone Terrace
Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Washington

"Mass Ave Hrights/ Woodland-Normanston Terrace"

- DCResident
To sum it up, this neighborhood is spectacular. You can have all the luxuries of a rural neighborhood but still live right in the middle of the city. Unlike the nearby Kalorama neighborhood, this a...
38.9222657126594 -77.0631502492075
Kalorama Heights
Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Washington

"The prettiest place I ever did see"

- CarrieB
Real estate heaven in DC. When I lived in Adams Morgan I would find a way to walk through this neighborhood on my way home from work. You will not find prettier housing in the entire District of Col...
38.9151062979882 -77.0496492926294


Ranked 3rd best neighborhood in Washington

"Great Area beautiful place to live"

- EmilyF1
I love all the shops at georgetown, but parking can be a pain. I moved here about 2 years ago and love it. Here is a Blogg I read that gives some great advice about the best places to live in dc......
38.9085370657836 -77.0630574730902
Dupont Circle
Ranked 4th best neighborhood in Washington

"If you cannot have fun here you must be dead"

- davidldavis1
I love Dupont Circle! This neighborhood of approximately 14,226 residents is located in northwest section of the city. The average price for homes sold in the neighborhood was $543,724 in 2010 and w...
38.9117452414978 -77.0414212243573
Cleveland Park
Ranked 5th best neighborhood in Washington

"This is what I am talking about"

- davidldavis1
I love this neighborhood! Cleveland Park is an awesome neighborhood of approximately 14,876 residents in the northwest section of the city. In general the neighborhood falls within the Boudaries of...
38.9361150743468 -77.0655450979534

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill
Ranked 6th best neighborhood in Washington

"Ambitious 20-something in a suit: The Mascot of Capitol Hill"

- CarrieB
At some point during your time in DC, you'll see a big building shaped like a wedding cake on the horizon. That's the Capitol building, kiddies. Maybe you've heard of it? It's where this group call...
38.882725507859 -76.9986235264204

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase
Ranked 7th best neighborhood in Washington

"No, Not the Actor"

- SusanM
To answer your first question, no, he did not grow up here and no, this is not where the name comes from. But that’s not what really important. Chevy Chase is one of the nicest, and, unfortunately,...
38.9628454137916 -77.0680612483264
Wesley Heights
Ranked 8th best neighborhood in Washington

"Top of the heap"

- CarrieB
Dreamy sigh. This is another in a series of beautiful Disney movie neighborhoods. If you just happen to stumble upon it while wandering about one day, thank your walking shoes and consider yourself...
38.9306881656514 -77.0877877806117


Ranked 9th best neighborhood in Washington

"Not Just for Catholics Anymore"

- SusanM
Brookland may be the only neighborhood in Washington that grew up around a faith community. In this case, the community is the Catholic Church as represented by everything from the Basilica of the Im...
38.9311150469807 -76.9841313060902
North Portal Estates
Ranked 10th best neighborhood in Washington

"Hidden Gem"

- Dana Ash-Mcginty
I love the hidden gem of North Portal Estates! In North Portal Estates you will enjoy the feel of suburbia while living in Washington, DC. The best features would include off street parking (everyone...
38.9914130289386 -77.040595137309
Woodley Park
Ranked 11th best neighborhood in Washington

"Scenic, In More Ways Than One"

- SusanM
Woodley Park is a lovely neighborhood in one of the nicest, most settled part of the District of Columbia, the northwest quadrant. It shares border with the National Zoo on one side and Rock Creek Pa...
38.9265842728573 -77.054992946631
Lincoln Park
Ranked 12th best neighborhood in Washington

"Best part of Capitol Hill"

- Arthouse
This part of DC is amazing and definitely deserves more love then it's getting here. It is a quiet, beautiful, friendly and accessible part of Capitol Hill - it is extremely walkable with bus stops ev...
38.8898934373731 -76.9897478333621
Washington Mall
Ranked 13th best neighborhood in Washington

"Tourist Heaven!"

- CarrieB
You can't live in Washington, DC and not love the National Mall. Sure, you can hate some of the tourists (goodness knows I do.. the annoying ones anyway with loud kids anyway), but there is always so...
38.8913230555921 -77.0253534040157
Foxhall Village
Ranked 14th best neighborhood in Washington

"Neighborhood within a neighborhood"

- davidldavis1
Foxhall Village s a neighborhood of approximately 3,639 residents located in the northwest section of the city near Georgetown. In general the boundaries of the neighborhood are formed by Canal Road...
38.912803550796 -77.086856174574
Foggy Bottom
Ranked 15th best neighborhood in Washington

"One of my favorite neighborhoods"

- davidldavis1
Foggy Bottom is my favorite neighborhood in the city. This neighborhood is located in northwest section of the city and is home to approximately 10,662 residents. The median age is residents here is...
38.8989669249265 -77.0532287808669
Lanier Heights
Ranked 16th best neighborhood in Washington

"A secluded urban the middle of it all"

- markyscott
I write this post with reluctance for revealing how great this neighborhood really is. I like to think of this neighborhood as my own little DC secret paradise as for how few people know about it. I...
38.9255770217477 -77.043492111959
Embassy Row
Ranked 17th best neighborhood in Washington

"The World Next Door"

- SusanM
Embassy Row takes its name from the more than 50 international embassies that line its busy streets. They range in architecture from the elegant and traditional British Embassy to the modern looking...
38.9266344141271 -77.0720659976193
Forest Hills
Ranked 18th best neighborhood in Washington

"I want to live here!"

- davidldavis1
Forest Hills is a neighborhood of approximately 11,300 residents located in the northwest section of the city. The neighborhood’s boundaries are generally defined as being within the footprint of Be...
38.9496376682686 -77.0626234214946
McLean Gardens
Ranked 19th best neighborhood in Washington

"We "Hope" You'll Like It Here"

- SusanM
Anyone living in this neighborhood of DC will tell you that the grounds they walk on are special. In fact, a former resident once walked the area wearing the infamous Hope Diamond. Now I'm not just...
38.9340447500596 -77.0756615947756
River Terrace
Ranked 20th best neighborhood in Washington

"I love living in River Terrace"

- jacobr1
I love living in River Terrace. Close proximity to H st. but just far away enough to not have to deal with all the noise and stress of living in a densely populated area. Whole Foods and coffee shops...
38.8941006242154 -76.9568868420756
38.8832829854602 -77.050233734629 5

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