3.2 out of 10

Bettez St, West Warwick

41.7221089950784 -71.5261216493427
Great for
  • Schools
  • Eating Out
  • Pest Free
  • Shopping Options
  • Childcare
Not great for
  • Clean & Green
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Cost of Living
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Internet Access
Who lives here?
  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Retirees


2/5 rating details
  • Neighborly Spirit 2/5
  • Safe & Sound 2/5
  • Clean & Green 1/5
  • Pest Free 4/5
  • Peace & Quiet 1/5
  • Eating Out 4/5
  • Nightlife 2/5
  • Parks & Recreation 2/5
  • Shopping Options 4/5
  • Gym & Fitness 2/5
  • Internet Access 2/5
  • Lack of Traffic 2/5
  • Cost of Living 2/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 2/5
  • Public Transport 2/5
  • Medical Facilities 3/5
  • Schools 5/5
  • Childcare 3/5

"Older Neighborhood, a little noisy and lot of traffic, used as a cut through."

This is an older neighborhood that I feel offers not much for people other than a fairly low crime rate. The freeway is not readily accessible from any central points of the center of town. Prices for apartments and homes based on what you get I believe is over priced and under in amenities. Most people stick to themselves and do not make friends easily. There are the few that do, but most do not. There are local eateries, gas stations, doctors, utilities and schools. The school system is not too bad, not as high as some areas but good all in all. Local library with use of computers and free parking. Local government leaves a bit to be desired at times. The enforcers are usually friendly. There is still some of the old buddy mentality in some areas. You do not see a lot of manacured yards. there are some, but more have none than have from what I have seen. Streets could be kept cleaner once the snow is gone. No one needs all that dirt in their front room or elsewhere. Fairly close access to two malls and a huge theatre/cinema. Good pharmacy access and Wal-Mart, dollar stores, ice cream stands, bakeries and small breakfast restaurants. As opposed to living in Providence which is the city, then it is a decent area to live and raise kids. I think there are better areas for kids. If it is adults then it is a good area to live. There is always one rotten neighbor in all neighborhoods and this is no exception. There are a few punks also, but not too bad. The Police Dept., Town Hall, Fire Dept., and registry are all located in the center of town for easy access. Cost of living/rentals/mortgage is high for what you get in this area, my opinion. High traffic area and used as a cut through. Many going way too fast and it is a wonder when someone is going to get hit situation. Television is next to non-existant in this area if you do not have cable or dish tv or the like. Internet access is not too bad if it is not dial-up. Dial-up is very slow, you get bumped a lot and the pages take forever to load. Would I refer people to live in this area, only if they could not go where they really wanted to live. Not much for trees and such, pretty much all built with a few factories from the 1800's also. Traffic can get bogged down due to it is only a two lane road throughout most of West Warwick.The kids in the neighborhood are more likely to be friendly than the adults. It is like eveyone distrusts everyone or something. You may get a hi how are you if lucky, but not much else. I will be thrilled when I have reached the point of being able to move from here.
Recommended for
  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Retirees
VickisTwoCents There is the "Holy Ghost Club" across Wakefield Street on the next block and they hold all kinds of "meets" there. Some of the "meets" get very noisy with the motorcyclists bikes roaring in and out, then you have the music that can be heard for blocks away. Following that is the noise and rush of the Police and Rescue sirens going to the "meet". Then you have the Fourth of July Parade that goes right down Wakefield Ave. to Bettez Street to Phenix Ave.and on and you have to remove your cars from the streets so that these "Parades can go through". Oh, did I forget to say there is no overnight parking in West Warwick, but many of the Houses/Apartments have no on-property parking so you are left to park in the street of which the Police allow due to knowing that there is no place to park on-property. However, you will move your vehicle to where ever you can find legal to do so so that these "meets, functions and goings on, get to go on whether it is a hindrance to you the renter-tax payer so that you can be inconvienienced by it all" in the guise of amusement and makes money for the town. If you like this kind of amusement then that is fine, but if not, oh well, too bad, it is going to go on anyway so you had better like the inconvienience of living on this street and others like it in West Warwick for the sake of the "meets-goings-on, amusements-parades, etc" so the town can make money. Lets not forget the Portuguese LA-LA every Labor Day Weekend. You are kicked off of parking on your street for this to go on also. Should you decide that you live here and you do not feel the need to move you will get a parking ticket for parking in an area that has temporay No Parking signs for the Labor Day Weekend. So should you decide on these holidays in particular to have your family and friends come to where you live on Bettez and other parts of West Warwick and you have no place to park on-property then you had better not have them come at all unless they want to get ticketed or have to walk a mile to visit after they happen to find a place to park their vehicles amongst the ones who pay no taxes get priorty to park where you should be able to. It just means that make no plans for the holidays of summer at your place. Just another perk of living on Bettez Street and others in West Warwick! And before I forget the best part of all to living on Bettez Street and other areas of West Warwick with no on-property parking is the snows of winter. Should there be an annoucement of snow on TV by the weatherman and women, you had better have a place to park your vehicle as the Police Department does not always annouce that there is a parking ban ahead of time or sometimes announce at all and then you are stuck with a parking ticket for what you had no clue to. Try to fight it and you get the Judge to tell you you can pay more or pay the ticket. You also get told that you are supposed to know the rules and laws of the area you live in and ingnorance of the law is no excuse for not knowing the laws where you live. These are some of the perks to living in West Warwick. Pay to live, pay taxes, pay road use taxes, pay at grocery stores, pay at the pharmacy, the gas stations and more and get thrown off those very same roads for the town to make money that you pay year round to use all so others can have a great time. Too bad you can't do the same by inviting your family to your home for the holiday family get togethers that you will not be having!
AdamS Fantastic Review Vicki!! Very helpful.

VickisTwoCents Hi AJ,
Thank you very much! I am glad this has been helpful to you. No one bothers to tell you these things before you move in; so you find them the hard way and I think this is a great site for the personal feel of an area street. It is more apt to be truthful and not all prettied up for viewing. Should you have any questions on this area beyond what is here feel free to post and I will answer next time I am on. Have a great summer! Best wishes, Vicki
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Bettez St

"Older Neighborhood, a little noisy and lot of traffic, used as a cut through."
41.7221089950784 -71.5261216493427

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