Best streets in Williamsburg

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Ranked 1st best street in Williamsburg

"great shopping area!"

- JakeTT
Manhattan Avenue has some awesome shopping and restaurants. It is very crowded, however, it is still a nice place to go for dinner and shopping.
40.7107906111407 -73.9454844568363

Driggs Ave

Ranked 2nd best street in Williamsburg

"Less crowded than Bedford but just as "cool""

- JenMac
Driggs has a lot less traffic than neighboring Bedford but definitely still has the Willyburg vibe. There's not a ton going on on this street but there is so much surrounding it, that out of all the...
40.7144650916005 -73.959194843738

Union Ave

Ranked 3rd best street in Williamsburg

"Great place to live; close to shops, nightlife"

- BroadwayBK
Lately there have been a lot of new buildings springing up here that don't look especially affordable - though the area is a great one for the artistic twenty-something set. There are wine shops, cafe...
40.7110008329457 -73.9511242887544
Ranked 4th best street in Williamsburg

"Good for business and living, parking scarce."

- JoanneV1
So much has changed post-gentrification..Many more people living here and development not showing signs of slowing down. So, of course, rents and demand goes up!! I think it's great that many more peo...
40.7105090470194 -73.9437244451511

Kent Ave

Ranked 5th best street in Williamsburg

"Apartments here offer great rooftop views"

- KellyAnn
Kent Ave is Williamsburg’s waterfront (read: East River side) street, where there are a lot of old factories converted into apartment buildings. These are pretty cool – I looked at a few of them befo...
40.7026231786748 -73.9652051597446

North 1st St

Ranked 6th best street in Williamsburg

"Interesting people watching, great for visitors under 30"

- KellyAnn
On North First Street, you’re getting closer to the heart of things in the neighborhood. As far as restaurants on the street go, there is China Noodle and Muffins N More. China Noodle is pretty much...
40.7161516799064 -73.9634640471708

Lorimer St

Ranked 7th best street in Williamsburg

"All the cool kids live at the Lorimer stop"

- JenMac
Lorimer Street has officially become the new Bedford ave. No self - respecting hipster would live on Bedford any longer. And, what with all the lofts and grungy garages lining the Lorimer and Metrop...
40.709952356729 -73.9486934953089

Grand St

Ranked 8th best street in Williamsburg

"Between the BQE and the East River"

- Indaco
Grand St is a quite street in Williamsburg. It is a perfect place to live: Free of the noise and crowd of Bedford Avenue, and yet close to many shops and nice bars and restaurants. The subway is just...
40.7114746459996 -73.9456722712399

Roebling St

Ranked 9th best street in Williamsburg

"Roebling Street in Brooklyn, New York"

- jessicamstephen
147 Roebling Street is home to one of my favorite galleries in Brooklyn. The Front Room Gallery of Contemporary Art features all methods of art including photgraphy, videography, audio art and concep...
40.7126688053248 -73.9587447486242

North 6th St

Ranked 10th best street in Williamsburg

"High concentration of everything"

- Indaco
Walking down N 6th St from Bedford Av, one encounters local designer shops, restaurants for every taste, an artist flea market every Saturday, and great music venues. The Music Hall of Williamsburg an...
40.717252098674 -73.9582720328694

Montrose Ave

Ranked 11th best street in Williamsburg

"Friendly place to reside for the under-twenty set"

- BroadwayBK
Montrose has seen much improvement and rising rents in recent years; nowadays the street is stocked with bakeries, thrift stores and located near trendy cafes (Boulevard on Bushwick Ave) and fancy gro...
40.7070456129902 -73.9461590447977

Berry St

Ranked 12th best street in Williamsburg

"Has some cool spots but it's still entirely overrun by hipst..."

- JenMac
Berry Street is definitely in the thick of hipstertown. It's not as bad as Bedford for punk kids in dirty clothes; but, it's definitely up there in regards to streets that actual adults may want to a...
40.7153355422114 -73.9625391757608

Maujer St

Ranked 13th best street in Williamsburg

"Great place to live"

- BroadwayBK
This is a residential street that - although there isn't much happening on the actual street - is in close proximity to a great wine shop and a ton of bars (like Huckleberry Bar) and restaurants. The...
40.7108557418914 -73.9442717638336
Ranked 14th best street in Williamsburg

"Great neighborhood street"

- JenMac
Ainslie is one of the better streets to live on in Williamsburg simply because of its location. It's just in between a ton of major streets but it's quite small and residential. It runs parallel to...
40.7127676539457 -73.9475159603867
Ranked 15th best street in Williamsburg

"Nice residential street, recommended for apartment rentals."

- MadScience
This is a very quiet area for renting an apartment. You can easily walk to the subway station, to shopping opportunities, and several parks. At the same time, there is not much traffic on the street...
40.7135102182009 -73.9348649794381
Ranked 16th best street in Williamsburg

"Nice street on a park"

- JenMac
Maspeth is actually a really cute street just until after Cooper Park. It is only a few blocks away from the Graham Ave L stop and all of the bars and restaurants in the Graham and Metropolitan area....
40.7165975519326 -73.9370055770869

Bogart St

Ranked 17th best street in Williamsburg

"Shelter amongst the industry"

- sssara
Bogart st is a cozy little st in bushwick. Most of the inhabitants are young artists who live in the lofts that frequent the neighborhood. There is a health food store, a video/coffee joint called a...
40.7068298602264 -73.9337232260228
Ranked 18th best street in Williamsburg

"Park Street!"

- JenMac
If I were gonna live in the Bedford area of Williamsburg, I would probably live at North 11th. A large part of the street is right on McCarren Park, and, seriously, being able to see green every day...
40.7206039958512 -73.9562425933547
Ranked 19th best street in Williamsburg

"Pretty good street despite transportation"

- JenMac
South 4th street is probably the most happening of all of the south number streets in Willyburg and I find this so odd. Why don't South 1st, 2nd and 3rd have a bunch of businesses on them? Weird. A...
40.7103200364752 -73.9587272219312

Keap St

Ranked 20th best street in Williamsburg

"On Keap Street"

- Macsizzle
Keap Street is a fantasic street in this lively section of Brooklyn. With the J M Z trains at Marcy Avenue and the J M train at Hewes Street, Keap Street is well connected and great for commuters. For...
40.7020240023481 -73.9631305053301
40.7066231760962 -73.9538082047346 7

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