Best streets in Park Slope

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6th St

Ranked 1st best street in Park Slope

"There's a reason this neighborhood is expensive...."

- RobertaO
This is a beautiful, tree-lined street that is mercifully free of curb-cuts and other modern changes to ruin the beautiful line of brownstones. Neighborly and friendly. Lots of kids. Safe, and a fanta...
40.6692819056242 -73.9812583907261

5th Ave

Ranked 2nd best street in Park Slope

"Great vibe, lovely street"

- NeverSleeps
The thing that's great about 5th Avenue in Park Slope is that there is something to do - or buy - no matter what your mood or interests have you craving. There is a lot of excellent second hand and vi...
40.6735316919438 -73.9826711288683

Union St

Ranked 3rd best street in Park Slope

"I love life on Union! "

- NeverSleeps
Union Street is one of the most lively streets in the neighborhood - especially when it comes to eating out or high-end grocery shopping. That might be a downside if you want to actually live here, bu...
40.674976502851 -73.9767725032352
Ranked 4th best street in Park Slope

"Once slightly ragged east of 5th, now highly desirable with..."

- RichO2
So the 4th - 5th block of Garfield doesn't have the swank of the lordly brownstones on same street 3-4 blocks up the slope toward Prospect Park, but it's rapidly redeveloping for the better. Some of...
40.675188006351 -73.9829869893606
Ranked 5th best street in Park Slope


- shubham
Plaza Street West is one of those streets which form or rather surround the Grand Army Plaza. Grand Army Plaza is a beautiful park full of extravaganza flora. the street as well as the Grand Army Plaz...
40.6740966494346 -73.9714752169894
Ranked 6th best street in Park Slope


- ashci08
I love this street, because culture come bursting out of every door in this neighborhood. People of different ethnic groups, backgrounds, and history come together here to do all kinds of things like...
40.6647192104744 -73.9767527577776

16th St

Ranked 7th best street in Park Slope

"Now exiting Park Slope"

- NeverSleeps
This is around the area where boundaries start to blur: 16th Street isn't Park Slope - at least not by any account I know of - but it isn't Sunset Park either - that's a ways further south. But even t...
40.6628111888331 -73.9853628755393

9th St

Ranked 8th best street in Park Slope

"The Main Street of Park Slope"

- NeverSleeps
9th Street is pretty much the main east-west drag in Park Slope. While all of the parallel streets are single lane, one way streets that are mostly residential, 9th Street is the one with four lanes o...
40.6674643767203 -73.982771387877

Fiske Pl

Ranked 9th best street in Park Slope


- ashci08
This neighborhood, in my opinion, would be the perfect place for you to retire or start a family in. This neighborhood is a little more quiet than what im used to. I say if you go to new york to party...
40.672057000745 -73.9750795030839

Sterling Pl

Ranked 10th best street in Park Slope

"oH No! im closterphobic"

- ashci08
after seeing how small sterling place is, I am so appreciative and humble for the city I live in. This place is great for couples or single people to retire. I wouldnt suggest raising kids here, becau...
40.677226435611 -73.9740593469818

7th St

Ranked 11th best street in Park Slope

"Absolutely stunning street"

- NeverSleeps
Sure, you'll never find a parking space on this street (and note that this is an area that sees a lot of film crews taking up valuable street parking as well), but if you're lucky enough to find/affor...
40.6686780713825 -73.9817587153427

Berkeley Pl

Ranked 12th best street in Park Slope

"ironically comfortable atmosphere"

- ashci08
Though this street doesnt have much to offer as far as living, It's nightlife is loud and crazy. My aunt lives in brooklyn and took me and my sister on a tour. When we hit berkeley place, for some rea...
40.6752084369413 -73.9753129534732

Unranked Streets

11th St


"Tree lined one way street"

- shuz4lulz
Eleventh Street runs from the lofts and warehouses of Gowonas to Prospect Park West. The West Side of Prospect Park is one of the safer parts of the park to live near and although the street gets par...
40.6662670722568 -73.9837685516923

13th St


"Gas Lamps and Brownstones"

- uncompromising
From Prospect Park to 2nd Avenue, this stretch of South Slope is as good as it gets. Setps from the park, the Pavillion Theater to the east, and to the south a new Beer Hall just opened up. In between...
40.6650632378438 -73.9847748818692

1st St


"1st Street Beats"

- Macsizzle
This area is filled with a lot of great things! It's well connected and there's a lot of things to do. I think this is a great neighborhood in Brooklyn.
40.6722913248201 -73.9787452325727

8th St


"Typical Park Slope Street"

- sansavy
This is a typical Park Slope street. It's a great area for families and for taking leisurely walks. A safe area during day and night time. Located right next to Prospect Park which is great for runnin...
40.6680752398764 -73.9822613910247

Calder Pl


"Small street off the expressway"

- jeter2
This is a small street right off of Prospect Avenue. It's mainly one big apartment building with several different units. Quite close to the Prospect Expressway, which is either a boon or a curse dep...
40.6618660002874 -73.9874805010209

Jackson Pl


"Off the beaten path, but not too far off"

- jeter2
Not as pretty as the brownstone-lined streets in Park Slope proper, this street could be great to live on, depending on what you're looking for. It's close to the Prospect Expressway, but not so clos...
40.6624915010055 -73.9863745041823

"Would be lovely if not for the expressway running alongside..."

- RoboLincoln
I live a little bit south of this street, so I always cross it on my way into Park Slope proper. And while I think walking across overpasses is rather pleasant, I wouldn't want to live along this bloc...
40.6617616527242 -73.986603156206

St Marks Ave


"Has it's own charms "

- calabasa
St Marks is a pretty good street. I have a special fondness for it and it's little shops. It is a bit on the noisy side, but where in Brooklyn isn't? It's close to the metro, which is nice. I don't kn...
40.6798821395551 -73.9747052367171
40.6710088386081 -73.9799588558812 7

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