Best streets in Garment District

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7 Ave

Ranked 1st best street in Garment District

"Fashion Center of the World"

- hhusted
I would call Fashion Ave in NYC the fashion place of the world. It is here that everything that deals with or is associated with fashion can be found. Just take a walk down the Avenue and you will see...
40.7525627737322 -73.9894852779971

West 40 St

Ranked 2nd best street in Garment District

"Summer fun street"

- JenMac
West 40th starts off much more pleasingly than most other streets in this neighborhood -- and, it's actually it pretty lovely start for any neighborhood in the city. The block at 5th Avenue holds one...
40.755082998874 -73.9886753180997

8 Ave

Ranked 3rd best street in Garment District

"The Minnesota Strip in New York City????"

- markahorn
Many current visitors and residents cannot remember the days of dirty and gritty New York City. The Minnesota Strip was designated as the 10 blocks of 8th Ave. North of the Port Authority Bus Terminal...
40.7534525551913 -73.9925439550624
Ranked 4th best street in Garment District

""Hustle and Bustle of New York""

- Nwhaley
34th street in Mahattan is probably one of the most famous strips in the world. There is many activities available for the tourist or any New Yorker. It includes the huge Herald Square Macys, which...
40.751225972516 -73.9911802753176
Ranked 5th best street in Garment District

"Same ol' Same"

- sansavy
This street is pretty much like the rest in this area except for 34th street. Easy access to just about everything and public transportation is near by. You are within walking distance of the shopping...
40.7531519841653 -73.9898499065212
Ranked 6th best street in Garment District

"Busy but worth it. "

- andiefrancese
West 33rd St is one of the busiest roads in Manhattan, with a great deal of foot traffic and major venues located on it, but it is worth it. The Manhattan Mall is located on the block, not far from Ma...
40.750566225333 -73.9916907764671
Ranked 7th best street in Garment District

"Convenient, But Loud and Dirty"

- Anemone10
This street is great if you need to take a train somewhere, or if you need to go to the post office. West 31st street is the southern border of Penn Station, and so has very easy access to the LIRR, N...
40.7473225720786 -73.9878064349567
Ranked 8th best street in Garment District

"Shop Till You Drop"

- hhusted
If you are into shopping, you will love Herald Square. At the corner of 34th St is Daffy's. It is incredible the number of department stores and little shops along the way. If you really want to spend...
40.7525528989472 -73.9903392677165

West 38th St

Ranked 9th best street in Garment District

"Check Out The New Apartments on W. 38th Street"

- hhusted
Just in case anyone has noticed, there is construction going on on W. 38th St. right around the Hudson Yards. HFA has approved up to $315 million in taxable and tax-exempt bonds to finance the con...
40.7537808626123 -73.9894204874224

West 35 St

Ranked 10th best street in Garment District

"Rather drab and uneventful"

- JenMac
35th starts off its run through the Garment District at 5th with a real mish mosh of businesses and the street remains like that right up until it goes into Hell's Kitchen at 8th Avenue. The block at...
40.7519143712139 -73.9907414491851

Unranked Streets

6 Ave


"Lots of green spaces for an Avenue"

- JenMac
There's quite a lot of green space on 6th Avenue which is rare for an Avenue and even rarer for the Garment District. That adds a massive bonus to the street appeal but it's still hard to justify liv...
40.7511962070197 -73.986765301343

West 28 St


"Beautiful architecture for a commercial run"

- JenMac
This stretch of 28th only runs from 6th to 5th but has quite the rich history and some great old buildings. The block from 6th to Broadway used to be known as Tin Pan Alley. It's where all the new m...
40.7453353422824 -73.9888483315683

West 29th St


"Gorgeous buildings ruined by weird shops"

- JenMac
This run of 29th, from 5th to 6th, looks now about how seedy it used to be back when this was the Tenderloin. It used to be a big neighborhood in the gambling, dance hall and prostitute arena in the...
40.7459986753964 -73.9885016636193

West 30 St


"Lots of wholesale shops"

- JenMac
For an area called the Garment District this street, along with most others in the neighborhood, sure does sell a lot of things other than garments. There is a wholesale shop for just about anything...
40.7466623480612 -73.9881539999624

West 32 St


"Korea town for the night"

- JenMac
West 32nd in this neighborhood is jam packed with Asian restaurants and shops. There are a lot of great spots to eat in this little stretch and they're great finds because there is a minimal tourist...
40.747984867401 -73.9874622755656

West 39 St


"Only for garment people"

- JenMac
West 39th used to be all mansions in the Garment District. But, those days, sadly, are over. Now, it's a really commercial street with some apartment buildings in the mix and about zero in the neigh...
40.7544512065073 -73.9890932583322

West 26th St


"Little commercial block"

- JenMac
West 26th only runs for one block through the Garment District neighborhood. And, this particular block is nothing of what you expect of the Garment District in general. The neighborhood is really d...
40.7436235007209 -73.988602498943

West 27 St


"A little shopping if you're into these kinds of stores"

- JenMac
The one block run of 27th through the Garment District has little to do with garments, but it is still very commercial. In fact, I don't think you can live on this block at all. As far as I know, it...
40.7442995013662 -73.9883074980327

Unreviewed Streets

9 Ave

40.7549113940877 -73.9951942365927


40.7487420734414 -73.9880901997308
40.7497493168934 -73.9892260576046 7

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