Best streets in Financial District

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Ranked 1st best street in Financial District

"Lovely street -- especially for a big one"

- JenMac
I used to live just off of Greenwich Street and I loved it! It's a pretty big street (not to be confused with the smaller Greenwich Ave) and it's really tranquil for being such a large piece. Greenw...
40.7046055010188 -74.0137725003579

State St

Ranked 2nd best street in Financial District

"The Park, the Ferry and the Skyscrapers of the City"

- Cathcart
If you want some perspective while you're in New York, there are no better places to go to than Battery Park, with its unimposing, clean and flat greenery, and the Staten Island Ferry, which offers bo...
40.7019053044933 -74.0133288070034

Broad St

Ranked 3rd best street in Financial District


- ashci08
oh wow! I loved Broad Street. It is very fast paced and high dollar. The style has its own range of reflections in the profesional attire from black suits to matching brief cases. "Wall Street" ahould...
40.7044630916448 -74.011561937531

Stone St

Ranked 4th best street in Financial District

"At home on Stone "

- Cheesewrites
Vastly different from it's neighboring Streets Stone Street is a really relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for a pub where you feel very at home Stone Street has it as well as some great classic...
40.7041736226163 -74.0106329061953

Fulton St

Ranked 5th best street in Financial District

"Neve forgotten memory"

- meggo1221
When I was a kid my mom took me here to the fish market where you could watch the fish come in and be packed. They even let me go over and throw a slimy fish to the packer. Fulton st takes you to the...
40.7089470271804 -74.0053015942501

John St

Ranked 6th best street in Financial District

"Have You Ever Been to the Insurance District"

- markahorn
Back in the late 1800's New York City was the home to a wide variety of Financial Industries including a burgeoning Insurance Industry. The Insurance District was defined roughly as the area between M...
40.7081233636873 -74.0063687078929

Wall St

Ranked 7th best street in Financial District

"Just for big buildings for working..."

- Crodaddy
Yes,street is not for living.However,it looks very nice...Good place for banks...I would like there is a lot of trees..
40.7060731107012 -74.0089297906315

Water St

Ranked 8th best street in Financial District

"Financial and business oriented"

- Cheesewrites
Water street receives a rush of people during the working hours as it is home to many financial businesses, but it quiets as night falls. Many of the eateries in the area cater to the young financial...
40.7056638701296 -74.0067069042141

Old Slip

Ranked 9th best street in Financial District

"Very Interesting Place to Visit"

- hhusted
What is interesting about this street is the way it is designed and what you will find on it. One side of the street is laid out in cobblestone streets, while the center has room for cars to travel. T...
40.7036659437312 -74.0085051576032

Seaport Plz

Ranked 10th best street in Financial District

"The beautiful resilient one"

- Uraniumfish
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the U.S., and it is also distinctive for the beauty and elegance of its design. Much beloved and much photographed, it is no accident tha...
40.7088980823198 -74.0006677570129

Cedar St

Ranked 11th best street in Financial District

"On Cedar Street"

- Macsizzle
Cedar Street was completely filled with a lot going, as this busy and well connected neighborhood is filled with activity. I think that this a great place to live if you're looking to move to the city...
40.70890777019 -74.0110852493769

Church St

Ranked 12th best street in Financial District

"A lot of history on this street"

- JenMac
Church street starts below Canal and runs to the bottom of Manhattan. It's one of the older streets in the city and is packed with history. Great street to walk. The Tribeca Grand is at Walker and...
40.7118330021631 -74.0102879441906

Pine St

Ranked 13th best street in Financial District

"Small businesses thrive here."

- andiefrancese
Pine Street is not known like it's surrounding streets, however it's a haven for small businesses. A nut and candy shop, cleaners, and wine merchants are common along the street all with cohesive awni...
40.7063933401168 -74.008039935482
Ranked 14th best street in Financial District

"The must-see area"

- viewsonic22
This is usually the number one on any tourists guide. Why? Pretty simple actually, it's a straight ferry shot to Ellis Island and of course the Statue of Liberty. In New York City, nothing is worth se...
40.7026527462829 -74.0128754629757

South St

Ranked 15th best street in Financial District

"Decent Area with Some Stores"

- hhusted
South St. has some good areas. There are stores along the street. There are also shops where you can buy goods. Not too far from the area is the seaport area. This place doesn't have much to desire if...
40.704563381966 -74.0057863589718

Dover St

Ranked 16th best street in Financial District

"Looming Bridge is all there is. "

- andiefrancese
The Brooklyn Bridge Looms almost overhead on Dover Street. While I personally am not fond of large looming structures when I'm walking around the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful to look at and it serves...
40.7086523432516 -74.0007443457822

Cortlandt St

Ranked 17th best street in Financial District

"Century 21 and the WTC"

- JenMac
Depending on how the final plans for Cortlandt work out with the new World Trade Center, it could end up a longer street. But, for now, Cortlandt only runs block or so before turning into Maiden Lane...
40.7100865016717 -74.0106099973737

Exchange Pl

Ranked 18th best street in Financial District

"Money exchange and not much else"

- JenMac
Fun fact about Exchange Place: though it does run into the New York Stock Exchange, the street is actually named for the Merchant's Exchange built in 1825. And, another fun fact is that the first bu...
40.7062700396549 -74.0111653412086

Pearl St

Ranked 19th best street in Financial District

"Great Location, good food. "

- andiefrancese
Pearl Street has a cool, busy vibe to it. Because it is located close to the Brooklyn Bridge there is a lot of foot traffic and a ton of great quick food options. The Pearl Street Diner offers homey f...
40.7031255022071 -74.0137139997357

Front St

Ranked 20th best street in Financial District

"On the Waterfront"

- Indaco
Front Street runs from Dover St to Old Slip St. This area was the center of NYC port activity, but has deteriorated over the years. However, the street is undergoing renovation and the surrounding are...
40.7061266498776 -74.0049971939813
40.7061731612123 -74.0081908364141 7

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