Do most apartments in the West Village have a Washer and Dryer?

If not, where do people wash their clothes?
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very rare inside your apartment..your apartment would have to be in the millions...OH where?..every major building has a laundry room somewhere cause they either own it (coops /Condos) and rake in the money , or like us in this Coop, we do not own it but lease it. I would LOVE to have my own.I had a huge apartment in Provincetown with the washer on the bottom/dryer on top..I have to lug everything to the basement & then you have to remember who's been there before you(this Coop has over 200 apartments),it's somewhat like a bathroom..clean it up before you use it.The building just does so much & we had a bedbug infestation somewhere? in this building , some people did wash their clothes down there/ some ,I saw were taken out to be cleaned...the other alternative is just having the regular dry cleaning place ,they also pick it up and do it for you,now for me, that will not work cause I have a thing about strangers doing my laundry cause my wardrobe is not the answer to your question: in almost every building there's a laundry room, next up is having it picked up & done for you(costly), or if you move into a condo/coop setup, they may allow you to do that "piggy back" washer /dryer cause in my building they allow dishwashers and it's the same damn thing..but I don't have that space to give's the size of a closet, that washer/dryer setup by Maytag..loved that I am looking at 6 months of laundry cause I hate doing it and I have enuf clothes to last me more than one year counting clean undies ,EVERYDAY!
also towels & sheets..I love my my brother is moving down near trade center(Battery Park..a mile from me South) and he's like a "pig in s**t"'s a condo, on his floor is the gym, the laundry room and a party room..he never has to leave that floor..I may be taking a truck down cause HE LOVES to do laundry, I 'm the one that hates doing it.That is ONE thing if I was looking for an apartment, that would make up my mind ,cause it's a weekly/monthly occurrence, you NEED clean clothes..but if getting them clean means either allot of money or even a bad laundry room..check out that laundry room, many people do not & they find out after they move in.Most Brownstone walk ups in the city, share a laundry's outside of your for me,that setup does not work..especially in the many variables and I thank you for asking this question and also AFTER you wash your clothes, take some paper towels and wipe out the washer and clean the filters of the dryer..that's just RESPECT for the next person.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.

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