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I've been a high-rise apartment dweller since 1982. In all these years, I have yet to live in a building where I have not had to complain to the management about noisy neighbors. They are always the same kind: Inconsiderate idiots who seem to think it's okay to blast their stereo any time of the day or night. In the past 2 weeks, I have had to complain to the management 3 times about the most recent noisemaker. Their procedure is to advise the culprit that a complaint against them has been made and to turn down the stereo. You'd think a person would only have to be advised about this once. Why they continue to disturb the peace in the same manner is a mystery to me – unless they are actively being inconsiderate.

The “music” - mostly bass - is so loud that I can barely hear the television in my own apartment (at a comfortable level) when I'm sitting less than ten feet away from it. After a noise complaint, they often only turn it down low enough to create an annoying background thump-thump-thump. What is it with these idiots??? If they are old enough to sign a lease and pay rent, then it seems they should be old enough to realize that they are living in an apartment building with a common wall between their own apartment and another tenant. They should be old enough to realize that they are not running a night club; that noise travels – the louder it is the further it goes. It doesn't matter what kind of music it is. I don't want someone else's “music” in my apartment. I have a stereo. When I want to hear music, I'd like for it to by MY preference, at a time when I want to hear it, and at the level I want to hear it. Ok, I'm ranting......

Really – does a noisemaker not realize that if they have to turn down the stereo to have a conversation in person or on the phone in their own apartment, that it's probably loud enough to disturb the person next door to them? If you've been told that your stereo is so loud that another tenant is complaining about, why do you keep cranking it up????

Earlier this year, I had a couple of college students living in the apartment next to my bedroom. They nearly drove me crazy, and to pursue legal action. Not only did they have the stereo cranked up, they would have a party with several of their loudest friends singing and shouting, anytime between 11:00pm and 5:00am, for 2-3 days in a row. After several complaints to the management and my threat to pursue legal action, the disturbances stopped. I think the kids either moved out on their own or were asked to move by management.

As I was relating the latest incident to a friend of mine, she asked “Aren't they advised when they sign the lease not to disturb other tenants?” HA! Silly Girl. She's been living at home with her parents all her life. The fact is: No, they don't advise you of things like disturbing the peace, interfering with another's “quiet enjoyment” of their unit, or the city's noise ordinance. Apparently, they expect you to actually READ the lease you signed – which includes the rules and regulations about such things. Or they expect that you would have the “common sense” to realize that you're moving into a residential apartment community. Not a nightclub.

By the way: Stereo noisemakers are not the only problem. Also earlier this year, there was a couple living next door that 1) liked to fight everyday at least once a day and 2) liked some form of “chopped food” every day. I did report the fighting. It sounded like someone was getting bounced off the common wall. And then there was the screaming and yelling. And at the building I moved from, the old guy next door made so much noise that I thought he was remodeling his entire kitchen – several times over! Apparently, he was just mad at his cabinets, dishes, pots and pans. So he banged them around on a daily basis.

Living in a “city apartment” on a busy street in the downtown area is noisy enough. There's always a certain amount of ambient noise (construction, police/fire sirens, car alarms, the occasional barking dog, the occasional rowdy drunk. You'd be surprised how much you can hear even at 44 stories high. So I don't need some inconsiderate idiot living next door to me, blasting their stereo into my apartment and interfering with my “quiet enjoyment”. Nope, I won't stand for it!
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