Best streets in Lower East Side

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Allen St

Ranked 1st best street in Lower East Side

"Main drag between neighborhoods"

- KellyAnn
Allen Street is a sort of divider between neighborhoods - between the Lower East Side and nearby SoHo. It has a selection of bars you can go to if you venture outside of either neighborhood, and a pr...
40.7176326544406 -73.9913173372372
Ranked 2nd best street in Lower East Side

"Awesome and Entertaining"

- KellyAnn
The East Village always reminds me of a generation past, even if young people continue to hang out here. 1st Street is definitely a part of that vibe – the neighborhood offers the standard karaoke ba...
40.7227673383724 -73.9872343367454

Canal St

Ranked 3rd best street in Lower East Side

"Good nightlfe in the heart of L.E.S"

- Cheesewrites
Essex Street is centrally located on the Lower East Side and offers a really interesting mix of places, people and stops. The Pickle Guys is a must stop for anyone who enjoys a great pickle. You can't...
40.7146156779545 -73.9909545443577

Ludlow St

Ranked 4th best street in Lower East Side

"You'll never be bored"

- KellyAnn
Delancey is one of my favorite streets – it can be pretty busy with street traffic as well as pedestrian traffic during the day, but at night it slows down a lot. I’ve seen a few shows at the Bowery...
40.7152320003588 -73.9908455024279

Norfolk St

Ranked 5th best street in Lower East Side

"Great place to live"

- KellyAnn
If you are a twenty-something who loves to party, but also to come home to your relatively quiet street, than Norfolk Street would be a choice place to live. There are actually blocks on the street t...
40.7190781174943 -73.9870170729171

Division St

Ranked 6th best street in Lower East Side

"Orchard Street.....rocking place!!!"

- sunny2028
If you wanna have a party every weekend must come here......i spend my every weekend night here......hanging with girls...having parties.....Bars like Lucky Jacks and The Skinny are just...
40.714042379524 -73.9965952067198

Delancey St

Ranked 7th best street in Lower East Side

"Ludlow for nightlife"

- KellyAnn
Ludlow has some of the best bars in the Lower East Side - like Pianos and Cake Shop. Cake Shop doubles as a coffee shop and record store during the day, and during the night the basement bar and stag...
40.7173227545271 -73.983649710926

Henry St

Ranked 8th best street in Lower East Side

"Nice residential area "

- Cheesewrites
Henry Street is a great residential block that offers some solace from the streets around it. With interesting architecture and beautiful buildings it is a great place to call home. It's close to East...
40.7128477877172 -73.9965220845705
Ranked 9th best street in Lower East Side

"Columbia Street is Ok"

- Macsizzle
Columbia street is an average New York City street with lots of brown buildings, Lots of trees, walking and calm. This street is close to the Upper New York Bay, a scenic spot to reflect. This street...
40.7172662462831 -73.9801400203834
Ranked 10th best street in Lower East Side

"For the younger set"

- JenMac
Forsyth is in the southern part of the Lower East Side so it's not as clean as other streets in the neighborhood (and, the other streets aren't exactly clean to begin with), and there isn't quite as m...
40.7143486858765 -73.9941813895633

Peretz Sq

Ranked 11th best street in Lower East Side

"Unbelievably fun atmosphere"

- Cheesewrites
Houston is paradise for anyone looking for the true fast-paced New York. Whole Foods by Bowery offers residents a great shopping experience and there are many great restaurants, cafes and delis for pe...
40.7227008865807 -73.9878810082787
Ranked 12th best street in Lower East Side

"Food, not theatre, reigns supreme"

- Cheesewrites
East Broadway has a great dining atmosphere, both high-end and lower end food. Broadway East offer a comfortable dining experience with great local wines. 88 Palace Restaurant is a great place to stop...
40.7158013332994 -73.9868178278577

Baruch Pl

Ranked 13th best street in Lower East Side

"Mangin Street B-Ball"

- Macsizzle
This is a good street, but is mainly residential. There is a good basketball court on the north end of the street, and one my favorite summer passtimes is watching kids play. I wondered how many furtu...
40.7181151749986 -73.9768801608372
Ranked 14th best street in Lower East Side

"A spectacular way to Manhattan or Brooklyn"

- Indaco
Less famous than the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge offers a nice walk or bike ride into the Lower East Side (from Brooklyn to Manhattan) or Williamsburg (from Manha...
40.7159917484578 -73.9796429064837

Grand St

Ranked 15th best street in Lower East Side

"An aptly titled street"

- ajr67
Anyone street cornering onto Broadway is going to have to fight for its fair share of recognition but the Soho flea market helps Grand Street be remembered. No matter what you want, and even if you ju...
40.715371560225 -73.9847897802356
Ranked 16th best street in Lower East Side

"Fashion Street of NYC"

- freddym
Madison Avenue is the ultimate place for shopping. I went nuts looking at all the clothing stores and jewelers nest from all top brands placed at the street. Also the Luxurious Hotels with excellent s...
40.7127261404342 -73.9890104454367

Cherry St

Ranked 17th best street in Lower East Side

"Catherine Slip, a great place to take a picture.."

- bob70
Catherine Slip, a great place to take a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. It was a difficult job to find a good position for taking a picture of these famous landmarks in one panora...
40.7114410865944 -73.9877003524628

Attorney St

Ranked 18th best street in Lower East Side

"Forgotten by the city "

- Cheesewrites
Interesting "public art" is the only thing really going on on Attorney Street. There are no eateries to speak of and no great boutiques that you just have to pop into. It's quiet for the most part and...
40.7183457266122 -73.9844827128175

Pitt St

Ranked 19th best street in Lower East Side

"I give it credit for being nearby to a great scene"

- KellyAnn
Well, it’s home to the police precinct - so if you live nearby you can feel extra safe. Pitt Street seems a bit further east of the rest of the neighborhood, but it’s a short walk from all of the nig...
40.7175710474406 -73.9828847681284
Ranked 20th best street in Lower East Side

"Lively at Straus Square"

- Uraniumfish
Rutgers Street gets its three stars on the merits of Straus Square, a lively crossroads where both Canal Street and East Broadway converge. The square is triangular and offers some feel-good neighborh...
40.713500451775 -73.9969142479286
40.7150069721938 -73.9842257210639 7

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