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Lorimer St

Ranked 1st best street in Greenpoint

"All the cool kids live at the Lorimer stop"

- JenMac
Lorimer Street has officially become the new Bedford ave. No self - respecting hipster would live on Bedford any longer. And, what with all the lofts and grungy garages lining the Lorimer and Metrop...
40.7239923733716 -73.9519363372014

Java St

Ranked 2nd best street in Greenpoint

"On Java Street"

- Macsizzle
Java Street would have to have some coffee, one would think. It doesn’t but it does have several small businesses though, and a nice overall feel. This area is filled with a lot of cool things, not to...
40.7314871106351 -73.9558217663857

Ash St

Ranked 3rd best street in Greenpoint

"cool for couples"

- shubham
Ash Street is one of those streets which i always visit at my every visit to Brooklyn. It runs near the East River which scintillates it with it's cool cool breeze and the aesthetic and eye candy view...
40.7381753881127 -73.9536430501123

Kent St

Ranked 4th best street in Greenpoint

"On Kent Street"

- Macsizzle
Kent Street is a nice street near the East River in Brooklyn. It is filled with small businesses and a quaint atmosphere. The views of the river are very nice and this area is well trafficked, but not...
40.7307821997393 -73.9556962875608

India St

Ranked 5th best street in Greenpoint

"On India Street"

- Macsizzle
India Street is filled with various small businesses and shops. I really enjoy this area of Brooklyn near the East River. It was very easily accessible to the midtown Manhattan train via the G train o...
40.7322266198497 -73.9556493998055
Ranked 6th best street in Greenpoint

"Great street for shopping and strolling."

- MadScience
Nassau Ave is a relatively clean street with plenty of ethnic stores (Polish bakeries, foreign language bookstores, etc.) and restaurants. I lived nearby for some time and I enjoyed coming to Nassau...
40.7252147286576 -73.9464202862174

Jewel St

Ranked 7th best street in Greenpoint

"Jewel Street: quiet, clean, safe - but not "happening""

- BroadwayBK
Sure, there isn't a whole lot to do on this street. The street features your typical corner store bodega, but mostly this street is lined with row houses - and not the prettiest ones at that. However...
40.7283592376942 -73.9474368061194
Ranked 8th best street in Greenpoint

"Really up and coming"

- JenMac
Greenpoint, in general, has really experienced an upswing in coolness in the last few years. I remember when I first moved to New York, everyone said to not live in Greenpoint because it was dead. I...
40.7307860139323 -73.9484292558399
Ranked 9th best street in Greenpoint

"A lovely, quiet street with a number of resident-friendly st..."

- BroadwayBK
This is a great residential street that is also home to the local (also highly recommended) YMCA branch, a police station and Cafe Grumpy. Though I have managed to find parking on this street more...
40.7276491096995 -73.9510198721199
Ranked 10th best street in Greenpoint

"Eckford is one of the nicer places here"

- eliza2525
Eckford Street is one of the nicer streets in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The good thing about this street is that the street itself is a nice quiet place to live in and it is very close to shopping. Two...
40.7252512315578 -73.94960491411
Ranked 11th best street in Greenpoint

"Quiet Street close to parks and shopping"

- eliza2525
Russell Street is on of the quieter streets. Located right on it is McGorlick Park with a big playground perfect for kids to play and parents to relax on the surrounding benches. There is a Met Food...
40.7263005038509 -73.944611721204
Ranked 12th best street in Greenpoint

"Great bars and restaurants but not super happening"

- JenMac
Franklin is one of the quieter streets in Greenpoint which is already a semi quiet neighborhood. I kinda like that it's a little bit sleepier than other streets. There are some cute little apartment...
40.7298349225683 -73.9575880532485

Sutton St

Ranked 13th best street in Greenpoint

"On Sutton Street"

- Macsizzle
Though this street doesn't have much to offer in terms of food and fun, the location and closeness to other streets with more to offer, along with the great housing on this street. The one thing that...
40.7240306330478 -73.940416803375

Newel St

Ranked 14th best street in Greenpoint

"Quiet-Great for a Walk"

- eliza2525
Newel Street is one of the prettiest streets in Greenpoint. It is full of nicely kept, clean housing units. The trees on both sides of the whole street make it a perfect place for a stroll in the ev...
40.7270491773687 -73.9486589470337
Ranked 15th best street in Greenpoint

"The Place to be in Greenpoint"

- JenMac
Manhattan Avenue is one of the liveliest streets in Greenpoint and is definitely the most convenient as far as transportation and the like. It has become this great melting pot of the old Polish comm...
40.7289773177267 -73.9537246057151
Ranked 16th best street in Greenpoint

"On Grandparents Ave"

- Macsizzle
I thought I was confused when I came to Grandparents Avenue, but of all of the streets in New York City, I consider this one to have the best name! Ironically, there were a lot of grandparents here, a...
40.7283348827017 -73.9420891236264

Cherry St

Ranked 17th best street in Greenpoint

"Industrial Area"

- proto2552
it's in a noisy industrial area that goes right along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Very little residential housing, most of the street tenants are businesses like car repair and a hardware shop....
40.7246405543015 -73.9350393267834
Ranked 18th best street in Greenpoint

"On Freeman Street"

- Macsizzle
Freeman Street is filled with several service oriented businesses and shops. This area is wonderful and near the beautiful East River. With limited traffic and a nice neighborhood feel, this area is a...
40.7344254234936 -73.9552189255685

Dobbin St

Ranked 19th best street in Greenpoint

"a terrific place to live if you can find a space available"

- LoftNinja
highly unlikely though. its a really industria block in Greenpoint Brooklyn, surrounded by the Polish speaking transplants and descended families of those from the homeland. Theres loads of ethnic foo...
40.7245988362604 -73.9542690598505
Ranked 20th best street in Greenpoint

"A very lovely street for families."

- steph711
This street is a really nice place to live. I knew a couple who lived right across the street from the McGolrick Park. There is an elementary school on this street so it gets pretty busy in the mornin...
40.724662602983 -73.9424505613048
40.7275431394817 -73.9483151800327 7

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