Can you street park a car for long periods in Nob Hill San Francisco?

I am looking at moving to Nob Hill and I want to be able to park my car for weeks at a time on the street. is that doable in Nob Hill?
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FlowerGirl 2yrs+
Okay, so three problems:

1. You will need a parking permit to park the street at all. (I don't know what those cost these days, but figure at least $50/month for that. Maybe more.)

2. Finding parking anywhere in that part of SF is a total hassle. So you will need to alot time and you will probably have to park some blocks from your apartment--which is good for staying fit on those steep Nob Hill hills.

3. Cars sitting around in that part of SF will be broken into eventually. So empty everything you don't want stolen from your car and give them fewer things to rob. (Pull out radio is a good idea.) And be prepared to change a window once or twice a year.

4. (I lied, there are four problems.) Street cleaning once a week means if you don't want a bunch of tickets you will need to move every week to an non-street cleaning zone.

My suggestion: either nix the car (good for the environment) or find it a proper home in a garage either in your building, in SF (expensive) or maybe in a garage in the East Bay.

Okay, have fun in Nob Hill--that part of SF is a blast! Even though on practical terms it can be an expensive pain the neck.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.
SarahHolloway Owning a car without any permanent parking available, anywhere in San Francisco, is a huge hassle. No matter how much you think you are paying attention, sooner or later you will get a ticket, get towed, or get vandalized. That being said, people do it anyway, and just accept the hassle and expense in order to buy groceries or get around more quickly, or avoid the bus because that's a undependable transportation mostly. It will do in a pinch. When I moved out of San Francisco the immediate thrill of being able to park with out paying meters, looking for parking, worrying about getting back to feed a meter, never being vandalized....well it was just extraordinary. Taxis may really be cheaper frankly.
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