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This isn't a subject I like talking about too much unless it is very important. As with talking about the murder-suicide attempt of the woman and her child at the Hudson River that I posted about, I'd like to bring up a why it is illegal to commit suicide. I have recently had a friend who tried to attempt this not too long ago. Needless to say, I was furious with him. His reasons for doing so were becuase girlfriend had broken up with him. Why? Becuase he had no place to live and hadn't a job to prove to her parents that he could afford to take care of her after the wedding. He claimed it she broke it off with him becuase he refused to get married in the Temple (she's Mormon and he is a non-practicing Mormon). Mind you this all happened really fast. They'd only been dating three weeks and he poped the question. Personally, not only was it too fast and impulsive with no common sense entailed, but I warned them before taking the dive into engagment that most women prefer if a guy they are in a relationship with have a steady job and an apartment. It can't be temporary. I know this from experience. I wish I could take back getting married to my first husband for these reasons. I was young and didn't think it through. The only good thing that came of it was two beautiful girls.
Now, as for taking your own life, I wonder if my friend knows that it is illegal to do such an aggressive act. And why. I plan to tell him the next time I am able, that the reason the cops had pulled guns on him when they got the call about the attempt was because in this scenario the person they are confronting is not only dangerous to themselves, but to others around them. Taking the risk that another person could get hurt in the rocess is too high for the authorities to ignore. With good reason. The subject is one of many that has been on my mind this week as I have had a very eventful week.
One a last and brief note, I have lost respect for my friend for trying at a selfish attempt to gain favors with his re-newed girfriend. I'm not sorry to say that they shouldn't get back together. As I fear he will pull this again. In no way should he make her feel responsible for his death just becuase she was trying to make a point of letting him know that they could continue the relationship when he had a steady job and a place to live. That really isn't asking for much. As for my friends on this site, I am sorry for bringing it up. The subject has been on my mind and I can't help but be mad at my friend.
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