Are there scorpians/ snakes/iguanas/trantulas in the homes in Mesa?

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AST 2yrs+
D.B , most people whom live in Az do not have issues with snakes because they live within city limits. The concern for having them in your yard or home is when you live near outer city limits by the mountains or along the desert portions. I've not had a snake at my home or yard & I'm near the desert territory & mountains. Over the years living here in Az I've encountered scorpions, lizards daily but they don't cause concern. The biggest threat is the periodic bobcat that comes to or our home resting on the roof of the house. I did have a road runner that grew up with my dog & the two played chasing each other in the back yard daily for @ 7 yrs til it disappeared one day. I'd recommend making a trip to Az. I'm sure you'd love it here as most do. The rare occasion with critters here are what makes Az unique but the year round sunshine being able to enjoy each day is great if you prefer the hot weather. Az is summer time temps approx 9 months a year.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.
MissYvonneC 2yrs+
Hello I'm Deaf Woman lived here 25 years now .I'm from New jersey .
It's Good here are very Beautiful place peace mind .No Problem. .
I lived here Mesa for 5 years just now .I was lived first place in Tempe Az from I moved NJ .
Yes is sometime bugs and red ants bite my feets trouble.
I saw red ants ,I never saw red ants new to me that in Tempe Az area park sometimes apartments sidewalk can see .I used cover shoe protect .since lived Tempe Az 6 years then moved in Phoenix Az enjoyed it lots some fun not much bugs alway bees walk away bees ..lived since 10 years .
Now I lived Mesa Az quite shopping business.
No Snake around .
Most times out there some have snake Mountain .Have to watch careful Mountain North and South only Mountain.
Here are Very Beautiful Place neat Arizona ...
Only Hot weather 5 between 6 months stay home cooler and pool enjoy drive travel.
and Cold weather only 6 months never snow here is South only Phoenix Az Mesa Az Gilbert Az Glendale az area.
want to go North is very coldest in Flagstaff Az area North .
Two area separate North Coldest Snow and South Hot and cold don't snow nothing weather Arizona.

East Coast Un neat dirty , They don't do clean up sidewalk street fit garages dirty smell sick lazy sometimes person .Sadly Bad Weather Tornadoes Heavy Snow earthquake Thunderstorm Black out No light so longs 2 weeks , Ah Ah awful there East Coast NJ NY Washington DC Va NC Sc Atlanta Ga Florida Texas Alabama Nebraska New O..
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.
GraceB 2yrs+
Scorpions, yes.
Where are you coming from?
I've never seen any of the other animals you've listed. I've never heard of that either.
But, sorry, yes on scorpions.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.
AST I've seen scorpions, snakes, & tarantulas in homes here in Mesa & other parts of the valley. Mostly on the outer parts of the city but yes those critters sneak in to our homes from time to time. Still Az is the most beautiful state to live in & I wouldn't trade it for any other place to live... You will love it here!
D.B How do you get rid of the snakes? I seriously can't handle that. I'm an east coast girl and I've only seen one snake, in one house ever - and that house was situated way back in the woods.
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