Is 2745 Southern Blvd a decent area in the Bronx?

I am trying to figure out first of all:

What exact part of the Bronx is this? (Please give me specific info)
How is the area at night?
Would I be comfortable living here if I grew up in queens?
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Define decent. And Queens is a huge borough- what part? It looks like you are referring to a new building.

This would be considered Crotona Park East on the West Farms border. The neighborhood is so-so, could be better, but not horrible. Night? your neighbor across the street is Crotona Park. Decent transportation. It gets a bit desolated along Boston Rd. and Southern Blvd.

I would visit it for yourself. The summer at night is the best time to visit a new place, as you'll see it at it's worst and loudest (my opinion.) It won't be surprising, for example, if a place is quiet in the dead of winter but comes alive and noisy come 55 degree weather.

As far as if you'd fir in, we really know nothing about you to base that on.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.
AnthoyW Well, I'm from corona, queens (closest station is 103rd street - corona plaza) 7 line.

I'm a 22 year old web designer who refrains from negativity.
ShannonLGilstad I actually lived on 106 Street by 37th Ave. for a few years. Would it be correct to assume that you are Latino or at least a person of color? If so, you won't stand out. There is a tech geek/blogger/photog/comic fan subculture in the Bronx, so you are not alone.

This area we're speaking of has gone through many changes in the past 30 years and is getting better. They built a huge shopping center nearby anchored by Pathmark, IHOP, TJ Maxx, and other known stores several years ago. I have never felt particularly unsafe around there at night, have shopped, eaten, and walked alone and I am a light skinned female, if that means anything. The Bronx Music Heritage Lab (BMHL) is a subway stop away and can be the source of some entertainment, especially on a Saturday night that you don't feel like straying far. Lots of things beginning to happen in the Bronx.

In reality, this is the South Bronx. Most people living there are poor to working class. I don't think it is a particularly great area, but it's not really bad either. There is a ghetto element, but I have lived in the south Bronx before and been rather unaffected.

I think if you go to work and take on hobbies/activities in the neighborhood, i.e., concerts and lectures at BMHL, hanging out in the park, shopping, and entertaining at home, you'll be fine. As long as you don't get involved with "the corner," I see no problems for you.
AnthoyW I hope not , lol. I mean in order to get to 2475 southern blvd I would have to stop by freeman or 174th stret and transfer to the bx19. The whole are just looks bad. - And , im Dominican
ShannonLGilstad You can just get off the Bx19 bus or 2/5 train and walk. It's probably more densely populated than Queens and there is a huge Dominican population around, so you will definitely not stand out. A lot of negative things have been eliminated. For example, next to that address, I believe, used to be an abandoned MTA bus depot. Now it's storage. They are building a lot of new housing in the Bronx and there's been a lot of people moving here. I don't see the neighborhood declining much more.
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