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Ranked 1st best city in California

"A tale of two Cities -- North Redondo and South Redondo"

- Lauren Perreault
If you look at a map of Redondo Beach, you'll see that it is divided into two distinct areas, North Redondo and South Redondo, and they barely touch at a tiny constriction near 190th and PCH. These t...
33.853173252111 -118.378506246773
Manhattan Beach
Ranked 2nd best city in California

"The Crown Jewel of the South Bay's "Queen's Necklace""

- Lauren Perreault
The South Bay's coastline is often called the Queen's Necklace because at night, it glistens with the lights along the curved coastline like a diamond necklace. Along that coast, Manhattan Beach has...
33.8868989238296 -118.395589481249


Ranked 3rd best city in California

"Forbes ranked it one of Americas most educated towns"

- bayareabound
Saratoga is a wealthy, safe and family-friendly community located in the greater Santa Clara County. It has a bit of a suburban, small town feel with a population that just recently reached 30,000....
37.2673530365392 -122.020539139708

Mill Valley

Ranked 4th best city in California

"Closest Redwoods to San Francisco"

- TeresaAnnF
Quaint, trendy town in midst of Redwoods and upscale hipsters, I enjoy(ed) living in Mill Valley for many reasons: Nature, great restaurants, fresh organic living, conscientious people. But sometimes,...
37.9075698706488 -122.547626646821

San Carlos

San Carlos
Ranked 5th best city in California

"City of Good Living"

- Christoferk
We have lived in San Carlos for almost two years now and love the location! The Caltrain is walking distance to city center and is a major stop on the Caltrain route (so tons of timing options). Not o...
37.4976601162953 -122.273355362835
Ranked 6th best city in California

"Palos Verdes Estates - The Perfect Place to raise a family"

- Maureen Megowan
Palos Verdes Estates is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is also one of the wealthiest communities in the country, as described in the Los Angeles Busi...
33.7855304373519 -118.407787597379
San Francisco
Ranked 7th best city in California

"A Different Kind of Urban Paradise"

- sfsully
No single remark characterizes better what San Francisco means for many people than a quip by Herb Caen, the city’s late chronicler par excellence: “One day if I do go to heaven ... I'll look around a...
37.775 -122.4193


Ranked 8th best city in California

"The Best of California"

- Anthony Carroll
When I think of California living..I think of beach, natural beauty and mountains. Malibu offers all of this and much more. That is...of course...if you have a few million to spend. To really get a tr...
34.0258977066716 -118.745795328797


Ranked 9th best city in California

"Planned Perfection"

- CatieW
Irvine is a master-planned city in the middle of Orange County. It was established by the Irvine Company in the 1960s and rates high on lists of the best cities in America. This is due to a low crim...
33.6850794334523 -117.779844506894


Ranked 10th best city in California

"Paradise by the Sea"

- joemon10
I really enjoyed living in Carlsbad. I moved from Seattle to Carlsbad and I have to say "What a difference" the weather was fantastic and I felt so much more comfortable down there versus Seattle. The...
33.1221498069088 -117.28738780323
Ranked 11th best city in California

"Rolling Hills Estates - That Country Feeling"

- Maureen Megowan
Rolling Hills Estates is located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, one of the most beautiful residential communities in the world. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is also one of the wealthiest communities i...
33.7713807578633 -118.37796327418
Ranked 12th best city in California

"Where Real Life is Better Than Reality TV"

- CatieW
The town of Laguna Beach has become famous due to the eponymous MTV reality show, but the show did not do this enchanting little beach town justice. Laguna Beach is built along the coast, with reside...
33.550865400224 -117.764983651491


Ranked 13th best city in California

"Best Family City in the East Bay"

- NightOwlnOrinda
Piedmont is maybe the best of the hillside neighborhoods in the East Bay. It is a historic neighborhood that was once known for its millionaires and that still is home to many wealthy residents. Cur...
37.8223094975975 -122.229576068406
Ranked 14th best city in California

"Lots of Action in West Hollywood"

- Anthony Carroll
West Hollywood is an extremely large neighborhood, but it is densely populated, diverse and spread out. There is even a West Hollywood West. The area runs from Northern part of La Brea to Doheny Drive...
34.0908590968398 -118.388590816914


Ranked 15th best city in California

"Great Valley Community"

- Anthony Carroll
Burbank along with Glendale are two of the best communities in my opinion to reside in the Valley. Burbank is a well run city, and offers much for the 100K residents. Burbank has many different are...
34.1787855993941 -118.332785129857
Ranked 16th best city in California

"Where the redwoods meet the sea"

- RedwoodMountainGirl
I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains but my daughter goes to school in Santa Cruz City, so I am there every day during the week. Yes, its gritty and there are areas we know to just stay away from, but w...
36.9865093591016 -122.030398654494
Ranked 17th best city in California

"Life’s a Beach in Surf City, USA"

- CatieW
With a population of almost 200,000, Huntington Beach is the largest beach city in Orange County. Residents of the city are lucky enough to enjoy a mild climate with plenty of ocean breezes and an ab...
33.7118828108691 -118.015037455948
Ranked 18th best city in California

"Rancho Palos Verdes - Paradise Found"

- Maureen Megowan
Rancho Palos Verdes is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live. The Palos Verdes Peninsula is also one of the wealthiest communities in the country, as described in the Los Angeles Busin...
33.753347505577 -118.367964465543
Ranked 19th best city in California

"$$$ The 1% $$$"

- bayareabound
Simply put, Hillsborough is one of the wealthiest cities in America. In relation, it also has the highest income of places in all of America. It is truly the 1% at work. Maybe even the .1%. Locati...
37.5624431466572 -122.359711808989
Ranked 20th best city in California

"The City For Fun, Sports and Arts"

- livelifeenjoy
If you enjoy the beach, sports, arts and cultural activities, then Newport Beach is the place for you. Found along the coasts of the Orange County, this city is known for their great housing and shopp...
33.630095507733 -117.877062006
36.663339110258 -118.51511445695 4