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Sunset Hill

Sunset Hill
Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Seattle

"Portrait Of Serenity"

- hudsonite
From the Chittenden Locks to the sands of Golden Gardens, this place is a true oasis! Nestled in the middle lies a most coveted plot of land deemed Sunset Hill Park. Given as a gift over 100 years a...
47.6783676123356 -122.393716048453


Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Seattle

"Old School and In The Mix"

- LukePhillips
One of the largest neighborhoods in Seattle, Magnolia’s location near downtown makes it an accessible spot for people who like the action without being fully immersed in the traffic and crowding. The...
47.6514292327284 -122.402645758725


Ranked 3rd best neighborhood in Seattle

"The Center of the Universe"

- LukePhillips
Fremont is the ordained and official Center of the Universe, the place where all things and people gravitate toward. A visitor with remember the area fondly, a resident will be drawn back by and by....
47.6572108965435 -122.348995330073


Ranked 4th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Sun Worshippers Apply Here"

- LukePhillips
The Alki area is a neighborhood centered around a two-and-a-half mile stretch of sandy, yielding coastline in stark contrast to some of Washington’s other pebbly beaches that are crowded with logs and...
47.5612134999892 -122.398262501221


Ranked 5th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Access, Location and Beauty"

- hudsonite
Husky Stadium at the University of Washington is a coveted place in the Fall. Many will travel great distances to view the purple and gold. Imagine being able to walk just a few blocks to encounter...
47.6392627613396 -122.30691930127


Ranked 6th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Inviting, Relaxing, and Quiet Place to Live"

- mchurchw1
Named for its location on the east side of Lake Union, Eastlake is one of the oldest and most inviting neigborhoods in the city. It is located beteen the University District and Downtown Seattle, givi...
47.6432900956224 -122.325288493176
International District
Ranked 7th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Historic, Affordable, Delicious"

- LukePhillips
The International District (commonly known as Chinatown), is a historical and spectacular region of Seattle. More than half the residents are Asian, which ought not to be a surprise considering the n...
47.5979172676546 -122.322885475469
Madison Park
Ranked 8th best neighborhood in Seattle

"An Affluent Community Nestled in Outdoor Beauty"

- hudsonite
A gorgeous neighborhood located in the extreme northeast corner of central Seattle (Area south of Union Bay). Its boundaries are Lake Washington Boulevard to the west, East Madison Street to the so...
47.6371232618186 -122.285894287755
Ranked 9th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Inviting neighborhood with great parks"

- mchurchw1
The Wallingford neighborhood, a few miles north of downtown Seattle, is bordered by Stone Way N on the west, Lake Union to the south, Interstate 5 to the east, and NE 60th Street to the north. Many...
47.6604010677849 -122.32998251074
West Queen Anne
Ranked 10th best neighborhood in Seattle

"One of the most desirable residential areas in the city"

- mchurchw1
The Western slope of Queen Anne hill, bounded by 15th Avenue West on the western side, Queen Anne Ave N. to the east, and Alaskan Way to the south, is one of the most beautiful places to live in Seatt...
47.6346474040719 -122.366549797018


Ranked 11th best neighborhood in Seattle

"A City Within Itself"

- LukePhillips
Ballard is a city unto itself. And I’m not exaggerating and I’m not saying this in that “nod to annexation” kind of way, I’m saying that there is a humorously subversive element that really demonstra...
47.6651053413855 -122.374241993903
Pike Market
Ranked 12th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Historic, Iconic"

- LukePhillips
The Pike Place Market is a historic area that runs like a veritable, upscale fair every day. The market looks out Southwest toward Elliott Bay and sets the scene for the seaside soiree. It’s not eas...
47.608903806374 -122.342479543672
Laurelhurst / Sand Point
Ranked 13th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Coastal Neighborhoods with Smarts and Serenity"

- hudsonite
This review incorporates three neighborhoods-in-one (Laurelhurst, Windermere and Sand Point). The stretch from Magnuson Park ( to the tip of the Laurelhurst Peninsula is divers...
47.6598273747886 -122.289251959133
Ravenna / Bryant
Ranked 14th best neighborhood in Seattle

"A Residential Community Of Professors And Graduate Students,..."

- hudsonite
Named after a city in Italy, Ravenna lies to the north of the University District and Laurelhurst. It's (Ravenna/Bryant) boundaries fall on Roosevelt Way and 20th Avenue NE in the west, NE 85th Str...
47.6757038462604 -122.291940735739
Broadway (Capitol Hill)
Ranked 15th best neighborhood in Seattle

"The Epicenter Of Seattle Culture"

- hudsonite
The Epicenter of Seattle Culture A place more commonly known as "Capitol Hill" (, Broadway is the most densely populated neighborhood in Seattle with a progressive culture....
47.623874708424 -122.319895867812
East Queen Anne
Ranked 16th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Beautiful and Historic Residential Neighborhood- Great for r..."

- mchurchw1
East Queen Anne is one of the best residential neighborhoods Seattle has to offer. Though it's a bit pricey compared to other communities around the city, if you can afford it living in East Queen Ann...
47.6353359317219 -122.3506971401
University District
Ranked 17th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Youthful spirit, youthful residents"

- LukePhillips
University District is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood in all respects, but as the neighborhood’s name may suggest, it leans heavily toward accommodating the college-age residents. Centered on 45t...
47.6608441935478 -122.308631354319
North Queen Anne
Ranked 18th best neighborhood in Seattle

"Quiet and safe neighborhood, great for families"

- mchurchw1
The north end of Queen Anne Hill is bordered by 15th Avenue West and Elliott Avenue West to the west and Aurora Avenue North (also known as Highway 99) to the east. The southern boundary of North Quee...
47.6468577942071 -122.365054213681
Downtown (Central Business District)
Ranked 19th best neighborhood in Seattle

"A Big City With Everything Imaginable!"

- mchurchw1
Downtown Seattle, officially known as the Central Business District, is where it all happens. If you want to take in as much as the city as possible, here is the place to do it. With the typical big-c...
47.6083263906794 -122.331950712476
North Admiral
Ranked 20th best neighborhood in Seattle


- Martinlee168
Just moved here recently because of the quaintness of the neighborhood. Have found people in the area to be very friendly and welcoming. Access to grocery stores and family run restaurants is terrific...
47.5774755473312 -122.38723216108
47.5735533537348 -122.332866379695 5