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Inner Harbor

Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Baltimore

"The Charm'tastic Mile of Baltimore "Love That 1.3""

- DerrickV
The Charm'tastic Mile of Baltimore located in the heart of downtown. The 1.3 mile corridor that runs from MLK Jr. Blvd. & Pratt Street to Harbor East. The Inner Harbor is growing and becoming a hot sp...
39.2833981914384 -76.6016850763211
Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Baltimore

"Live and Work in the Same Neighborhood"

- SusanM
As its name indicates, Federal Hill is another of Baltimore’s more charming historic neighborhoods. Located near the business district in the southern part of the city, it is known for its panoramic...
39.2779455551126 -76.6117603647213


Ranked 3rd best neighborhood in Baltimore

"Things Will Be Great When We Go Downtown"

- SusanM
Like most downtown areas of large cities, Downtown Baltimore is primarily commercial. While more than 100,000 people work in its offices, restaurants and shops, most of them tend to live in other par...
39.2910231154941 -76.6143882333433


Ranked 4th best neighborhood in Baltimore

"Beautiful Location"

- SusanM
While most people living in Maryland are familiar with Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor, fewer know about its outer harbor, the home of the Canton neighborhood. Built around the O’Donnell Square Park,...
39.2817835103498 -76.5766414960761

Felis Point

Ranked 5th best neighborhood in Baltimore

"Want to go out?"

- davidldavis2
The Fell’s Point neighborhood is located in the southeast region of the city, is a great place to live! The boundaries of the neighborhood are defined by the harbor, Chester Street, Eastern Avenue, S...
39.2829556501418 -76.5927261438123
Ranked 6th best neighborhood in Baltimore

"No, Not That One"

- SusanM
Named for George Washington’s elegant home, Mount Vernon is best known for the first Washington Monument, built in Baltimore decades before the better known DC version. It has excellent public transp...
39.298044216155 -76.6163223339617

Unranked Neighborhoods

"Lots of shopping"

- davidldavis2
Reistertown Station is a neighborhood located in the northwest region of Baltimore. West Northern Parkway, Wabash Avenue, Patterson Avenue, Crest Heights Road and Reisterstown Road generally form the...
39.3534730472307 -76.7066165114179



"Building on History"

- SusanM
Abell, a residential part of the Charles Village region of Baltimore, consists primarily of good size row houses built during the early part of the 20th century. These homes feature large windows tha...
39.3256746138194 -76.6107821527062



"Baltimore's True Gem"

- IronMule
This neighborhood is one of the best kept secrets in Baltimore. Whenever we have new guests to our house, they are always stunned at the beauty and peace that is found right here in the heart of Balt...
39.3336848398302 -76.5678597458584

"Not Doing Well"

- SusanM
Armistead Gardens is a small neighborhood originally built in Northeast Baltimore for those workers coming into the city for jobs in the World War II munitions factories. Unfortunately, most of the o...
39.305785105779 -76.5510882898287



"A Great Place to Live"

- SusanM
Ashburton is a wealthy, predominantly African American neighborhood in northwest Baltimore. Characterized by a few large Victorian mansions interspersed among row houses, it has played home to some o...
39.3290559364657 -76.672177938227

"Hanging On"

- SusanM
Located in southeastern Baltimore, Baltimore Highlands is a small neighborhood conveniently located to four bus routes that can take its residents to just about anywhere the city. This is important b...
39.2928171498988 -76.5665092679156

"Stay away from the North end, park-side is great though"

- Ashlin
This street is a true testament to how segregated Baltimore can be and how drastically life changes from block to block. A family member owns a home near the park, and it is great city living. The blo...
39.2926376669288 -76.5751370627499



"Barely Hanging On"

- SusanM
Barclay is on of way too many neighborhoods in this country that were built for beauty but have now fallen on hard times. As you drive down the streets, you can’t help but feel a certain sense of tra...
39.3147431651283 -76.6118661366498

"Neither a Beach nor a Field"

- SusanM
Located in southwest Baltimore, Beechfield is easily reached by one of several Baltimore bus routes. However, residents are typically more interested in getting out of the area than in getting in. T...
39.2766800164785 -76.6987709162536

"Simply Charming"

- SusanM
Belair-Edison, located in Northeast Baltimore, features street after street of brick row homes that tend to attract middle and lower income families looking for decent, inexpensive places to raise the...
39.3218269487616 -76.5670958208554

"If you like small neighborhoods....."

- davidldavis2
Belair-Parkside is a small neighborhood in the northeast section of the city adjacent to Herring Run Park. Eastwood Drive, Parkside Drive Route 1 and Eierman Avenue generally form the borders of this...
39.3302037781586 -76.5680009132468

"History on Parade"

- SusanM
Located in both Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Bellona-Gittings is an elegant tribute to Baltimore’s historic past. Architecture lovers can stroll down its streets during the spring and early...
39.3692279977004 -76.6215473877458



"People are dying to come here!"

- davidldavis2
Berea is a neighborhood in the east section of the city. Sinclair Lane, Edison Highway, East Biddle Street and North Rose Street generally form the borders of this neighborhood. Approximately half o...
39.3095616735241 -76.5780627079279

"Not as Warm as California, But Nearly as Nice"

- SusanM
Beverly Hills is yet another of Baltimore’s more charming historic neighborhoods. Featuring over 800 suburban style homes, it looks like the kind of place that Wally and Beaver ought to come running...
39.3392927413389 -76.5693022605617
39.2835712954084 -76.6068811379706 5

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