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Ranked 1st best city in New York
40.6997824424127 -73.6794744796131
Ranked 2nd best city in New York

"A peaceful and intelligent green community"

- Saffster
Moving from the city, Chestnut Ridge reminds me of a rural/suburban Park Slope. It consists of eco-conscious parents who are focused on raising their children in a very thoughtful manner. I part...
41.0881496183689 -74.0606292564506

Garden City

Garden City
Ranked 3rd best city in New York
40.7265669813308 -73.6460487109911


Ranked 4th best city in New York

"Discovering Lewisboro"

- Nikki D. McMann
Situated in the northeastern part of Westchester County, Lewisboro is a town composed of 6 hamlets: Goldens Bridge, Cross River, Waccabuc, South Salem, Lewisboro Hamlet and Vista. Lewisboro is locate...
41.2673443961542 -73.5877664492658


Ranked 5th best city in New York

"A Town thats Transforming Itself into a Legend"

- SaraKaplan
Peekskill has really changed its name from one thought of as a crime-infested city, to one that now brings in creative people and entrepreneurs. It’s largely diverse and has a very proud Hispanic c...
41.2866914907172 -73.9299418160879


Ranked 6th best city in New York

"Quaint scenic neighborhood with lots to offer!"

- LovingL
Lovely, well maintained homes in a quaint, quiet village setting producing a "Mayberry" appeal. Strong community ties connecting all who live here for a sense of belonging. Family orientated. Village...
40.6751801305127 -73.6720369304278


Ranked 7th best city in New York

"Keeping Up with Katonah!"

- Karen Benvin Ransom
Where do I begin? Let's go to one of the Hamlets of the Town of Bedford - Katonah! If enjoying a stroll through this beautiful town and its unique shops and restaurants begins to pale you can then j...
41.2586 -73.6855


Ranked 8th best city in New York

"Historic Continental Village in Garrison"

- Kathleen Kourie
As a 30 year resident of the Continental Village portion of Garrison, I'd like to let everyone know about my corner of Philipstown. I live off the Historic Old Albany Post Road, the oldest road in th...
41.3720461722647 -73.9188218012273


Ranked 9th best city in New York

"Town of Tarrytown"

- yob7
Tarrytown is a beautiful town. There is lots of nature here. Some area in Tarrytown can be very busy. I wold definately recommend Tarrytown as a place to have a family!
41.0682825192894 -73.8532459852913
Ranked 10th best city in New York
40.6499779545961 -73.1344431009727

Red Hook

Red Hook
Ranked 11th best city in New York

"Lovely Creative Shops, Pleasant Folks and Friendly Atmospher..."

- SaraKaplan
Red Hook is a charming village located within the town of Rhinebeck, named after Dutch settlers arrived to see the Fall foliage on a peninsula named Cruger’s Island (peninsula in Dutch is “hoek”, and...
42.0151018421863 -73.8934080112464


Ranked 12th best city in New York

"Living in Bedford, NY"

- Nikki D. McMann
Distance to NYC: 47 miles Area: 39 square miles The Town of Bedford consists of three hamlets; Bedford Village, Katonah and Bedford Hills. Elegant country estates, horse farms, rural neighborhood...
41.1975154362258 -73.6447456858788


Ranked 13th best city in New York

"Yonkers on 9/11/12"

- Jane McAfee
Yonkers now has its own 911 Memorial. A 38-foot rusted steel beam from the World Trade Center was dedicated on Tuesday 9/11/12 and has been permanently erected in the center of Conor Park on McLean Av...
40.9363971023745 -73.8510662910839


Ranked 14th best city in New York

"Astoria, NY"

- Lizmanda
I lived at Astoria, NY for 18 years and My oldest son still love to live same area. Ditmars Boulevard - Named after Abram D. Ditmars the mayor of Long Island City also know as "the heart of Astoria" d...
40.6864933548467 -73.8124870433157


Ranked 15th best city in New York

"Syracuse Has Everything To Expect in NY Cities: And More"

- SaraKaplan
Located near Lake Oneida in Onandaga County, NY, Syracuse is a culturally creative and historical extravaganza that's just about bursting at the seams with excitement! No matter what you want to do, i...
43.0438180353422 -76.1462213438763


Ranked 16th best city in New York

"Shopping Options"

- Wendy Alexander
Let's just say shopping here is great. From small clothing boutiques, to great jewelry stores,dry cleaning,florist,Space NK, Consignment shops and lots more.... I'm happy to answer any questions you...
40.9900803435877 -73.7783795803731
Briarcliff Manor
Ranked 17th best city in New York

"A Hidden Gem"

- garyk
Briarcliff is a hidden gem as a small village surrounded by larger towns and cities. The "downtown" is well maintained with some great food and shopping where you'll soon become known as a regular cus...
41.1441949591257 -73.8328125750491

White Plains

White Plains
Ranked 18th best city in New York

"Born and raised in White Plains, New York"

- Toni Chrystal
White Plains is a city like no other in Westchester County. We have suburban and urban neighborhoods. We have a diverse style of housing, as well as a diverse style of people. I always say "White...
41.0343 -73.7631


Ranked 19th best city in New York

"City Life with a Country Feel"

- SaraKaplan
Thinking of reasons to visit Beacon, NY? Well, if you like art and strawberries, you’re in the right place. Beacon is famous for its riverfront Strawberry Festival that happens there every June, rig...
41.5025504303105 -73.9802022303354
Mount Pleasant
Ranked 20th best city in New York

"Multi-faceted and promising"

- TracyD
Westchester County is known for its great affluence, but middle-income house-hunters will be pleased to stumble upon the town of Mount Pleasant, a collection of geographically desirable villages and h...
41.1043760572915 -73.7960058756808
42.4474262901808 -74.6538576793447 4