Best streets in Jamaica

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89th Ave

Ranked 1st best street in Jamaica

"Businesses at one end, residential at the other."

- Mitestarossa
89th Avenue is conveniently located next to the Mary Immaculate Hospital and the beautiful and large King Park. There are many large red brick buildings that line the street. It is quite busy in thi...
40.7087639310658 -73.7935179214638
Ranked 2nd best street in Jamaica

"An Ivy League Street"

- Macsizzle
This street is chalked full of businesses, churches, and places to eat, and there is a nice vibe and overall comfort and ease to the street. I liked how friendly the people were, and ready and able th...
40.6924098683337 -73.8047825529431

90th Ave

Ranked 3rd best street in Jamaica

"On 90th Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This fractured street in Queens had a lot to offer in terms of small businesses. There's also a school here. I liked the feel of this street. It was kind of noisy though (highway nearby), and the stre...
40.7081050638876 -73.7924819721345
Ranked 4th best street in Jamaica

"Heavy industrial street running next to the railroad tracks..."

- Mitestarossa
Archer Avenue is a very busy thoroughfare that runs from Guy R. Brewer Blvd. all the way down to the Van Wyck Highway 678 Expressway. It is wall to wall industrial buildings and businesses. Run down...
40.7016119411919 -73.8034235447782

Jamaica Ave

Ranked 5th best street in Jamaica

"Everything you need at great low prices! "

- jsoto625
Jamaica avenue in Queens, NY is my shopping heaven. They definately do not have the pricey designer bags you can find in the city. In fact, most of the items are just imitations. They are made of the...
40.705672966804 -73.794350337849

Unranked Streets

108th Ave


"On 108th Avenue"

- Macsizzle
There are a few churches and a school on this street, making it very family friendly. If you don’t like children, this may not be the area for you! It seemed as though they flooded the block, and thei...
40.6966017325385 -73.7911578717033

109th Ave


"On 109th Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This street was mainly residential and somewhat rundown. I didn't find a lot to call home about, as per most of the housing seemed filled and the street wasn't all that convenient.
40.6933105484383 -73.7940202390096

110th Ave


"On 110th Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This street is filled with various delights, and a lively atmosphere. There are churches as well as a dance school and other small service businesses. Though there isn't much in the way of food and it...
40.6938690097104 -73.7877715211504

138th Pl


"On 138th Place"

- Macsizzle
This area is a bit run down and is definitely not a place I would recommend for living options. The nearby streets capture most of what’s going on in this neighborhood, as this street is mainly reside...
40.6995640143272 -73.8125487711386

143rd St


"Filled With Activity"

- Macsizzle
143rd Street is not only convenient, it was well-trafficked and filled with activity. There were several businesses on the street including a bakery, a church, and a day care center. The street did ha...
40.6974372393994 -73.8095335847555

155th St


"Not The Top Ten"

- Macsizzle
There are some small businesses on this street, but not were of great interest. This street is convenient for the residents of the nearby streets. I didn’t think that this was the greatest place to li...
40.6907673126141 -73.7947157222091

183rd St


"Getting to and from your means of transportation"

- MLiebers
183rd St runs north from the Long Island Railroad station Hillside Facility. The road provides good access to this facility. It then passes a small city park with tennis courts before it hits Hillsi...
40.7100248892018 -73.777685562967

91st Ave


"On 91st Avenue"

- Macsizzle
On 91st Avenue, you will find several small businesses ranging from a career center to a Police Station. There are churches as well. The nearest restaurants are on nearby Jamaica Avenue, which has mos...
40.7064691944201 -73.7943991547058

Adelaide Rd


"Not much. Park nearby"

- KeKe82
The St Albans Park is located on the left side of street. There are many nice clean houses and landscaped 1ft yards. The area isn't very clean but it seems like a decent neighborhood. Its just the reg...
40.6940200010323 -73.7771795019882

"On Arlington Terrace"

- Macsizzle
This mainly residential street did have some nice housing options, though I didn't find it to be all that great. All in all, this street was a family street, and a nice oasis from the city.
40.6918421562035 -73.7997090244714

"Not So Exciting"

- Macsizzle
There are several business on this main street in Queens. It was fairly loud as well. This wasn't really a place I would like to get started living in the city as it is not convenient and not all that...
40.6907150000773 -73.7949385003538

"On Claude Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This street was filled with businesses in the service sector, denoting a home for elderly people.. I think that there are better places to live here in Queens and also more convenient streets. I would...
40.6910758629925 -73.788021734078

Ferndale Ave


"On Ferndale Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This mainly residential street was pretty, and nicely located. It's also home to a few service oriented business. Though this may not be the most exciting street in New York City, it is convenient for...
40.6891281677176 -73.800667990034

"Actually a lane"

- 76thStreet
The Guinzberg Road is actually a lane more than a street. It is not in a residential area. There are some express and delivery, also furniture companies along the street. You can always see a lot of t...
40.6977984510407 -73.8008020463465

"On Lakewood Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This street is filled with business and restaurants. Though it is not particularly close to the metro, it is very convenient and there are plenty of places to go. It is convenient for the residents of...
40.6895684951387 -73.8035945093878
40.6989180332129 -73.7907132308776 7

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