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Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Chestnut Hill - where suburban charm comes at a high cost."

- DaniMasi
Located in Northwest Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill resembles a suburb more than a city. Unlike most of Philadelphia County, it features large, single-family homes with yards, and serves as a commuter to...
40.0707512706954 -75.2110764161608
Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Pennypack, miles of green."

- justangela
Pennypack Park is a great park that has a lot to offer. Whether you a biker (they have cemented trails, but they also have some areas that you can explore on your own), a runner (the same applies), a...
40.0938600011556 -75.06882800442


Ranked 3rd best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"The Perfect Place"

- annejohnson
Great schools, great houses, great parks, great everything! There's a few gyms on the outskirts of the area and there's a park for good exercise too. There are many plazas and the food places, while n...
40.0914163655067 -75.0433643456666

Fox Chase

Ranked 4th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Where the city, suburbs and farmland come together."

- DaniMasi
Fox Chase is located in Northeast Philadelphia, and is a great place for suburban dwellers and farm lovers, even though it falls within Philadelphia’s boundaries. Bordered by Montgomery County, Fox Ch...
40.0756851886727 -75.0775551192808
Ranked 5th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"A perfect area to live in Philadelphia"

- AndrewS2
The thing I love about Powelton most is the location - it's in Philly, yet still outside it. It's easy to access the downtown or University City, yet you can get away from all the hustle and bustle be...
39.9599487270268 -75.1911363340759
Ranked 6th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Where all worlds collide."

- DeeM
Washington Square West is the best of both worlds. Named after Washington Square Park, which is located at 6th and Walnut, this neighborhood is an eclectic combination of both buyers and renters, open...
39.9463305902279 -75.1593191361677

Old City

Old City
Ranked 7th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Vibrant ‘Old World’ Neighborhood"

- Sugarcube
Old City Philadelphia is the nation’s most historic square mile. This vibrant ‘old world’ neighborhood is the home to many shops, galleries, restaurants, and historic sites. Shopping wise, visit 3r...
39.9519410530105 -75.1464062363059
Queen Village
Ranked 8th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Fit for a modern-day queen."

- DaniMasi
Just south of Center City, Queen Village is a quaint neighborhood bordering Society Hill. This area is a bit pricey, but full of diverse shops and strong community bonds. Queen Village has a heavy...
39.938088075098 -75.1489356860883
University City
Ranked 9th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"University City and You"

- spsimons
As the name implies, University City is a clusters of three universities: University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and University of the Sciences. With expansion, it now encompasses the area fro...
39.9537499113629 -75.1955184782714
Fairmount/Art Museum
Ranked 10th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Fairmount - Enjoy The Park and The River"

- spsimons
Fairmount is a neighborhood just north of Center City. It begins at the Art Museum and is bounded on the east by 20th Street. To the south is the Benjamin Franklin Parkway which runs from City Hall...
39.9713631493433 -75.1777770222939
Ranked 11th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"My favorite neighborhood in Philly"

- sweaver1213
Passyunk is a neighborhood located in South Philadelphia. Named after the bizarre avenue that cuts diagonally through the city, Passyunk is bound by 6th Street to the east, Broad Street to the west, T...
39.9296011780073 -75.1950634488522

Society Hill

Society Hill
Ranked 12th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Society Hill - High Society at its Best"

- spsimons
One of the most historic areas in the country is located in Society Hill. Overlooking the Delaware River, Society Hill was transformed by the mid-60s urban renewal initiatives to the sophisticated env...
39.944013810605 -75.1489700669613
Ranked 13th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"East Mount Airy - Lovely Just Lovely"

- spsimons
Heading northward, East Mount Airy is a neighborhood to the east (or right) of Germantown Avenue. Although it is less tony than its western counterpart, East Mount Airy takes great pride in its log...
40.0591354171816 -75.1808559164067
Ranked 14th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Full of charm, local gems and city spirit!"

- DaniMasi
If you want a vibrant, eclectic neighborhood, Graduate Hospital is the area for you. This Southwest Center City neighborhood is gentrification at it’s finest – it is a quick ten-minute walk from the h...
39.9412085608248 -75.1754906752121

East Falls

Ranked 15th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Love this place! Could use some help really understanding al..."

- CarolynS1
Since moving here in 2011, I've been struck by how much there is to offer, and how few people living here actually know this. Started writing about the neighborhood last year, figured it'd be a fun li...
40.01700801093 -75.1899765539288


Ranked 16th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Holme to One of the Oldest Neighborhoods in Philly"

- AKnight
Named for the descendants of John Holme, Holmesburg resides in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. Holmesburg is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Northeast. Its borders include Roosevelt Boul...
40.0329538651625 -75.0263850781532

Bella Vista

Ranked 17th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"To Italy, and beyond!"

- DeeM
Open air markets. Fresh, affordable produce. The smell of meats, cheese and wine in the air. This is what you will find in Bella Vista, located between 11th and 6th streets, just south of South Street...
39.9387596507612 -75.1557689282778
Ranked 18th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Northern Liberties is Happenin"

- spsimons
Where the artists go……here comes the neighborhood! Northern Liberties, as the name suggests, is just north of Center City Philadelphia. As artistic working space became too expensive in other area...
39.9604836572736 -75.1438643748573

Logan Square

Ranked 19th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Logan Circle - Charming"

- spsimons
Logan Circle takes its name from James Logan, a mayor of Philadelphia in the 19th Century. The area is also known as Logan Square from one of William Penn’s four green gardens which served as the fou...
39.9581884602216 -75.1699727306824
Ranked 20th best neighborhood in Philadelphia

"Well Worth the Visit, Premiere Place to Live"

- TrinaLynne
The Spring Garden/Art Museum section of Philadelphia is a very historical and interesting place to be. The abundance of museums, historical landmarks, and educational institutions make the neighborhoo...
39.9653788734397 -75.1681363088606
39.9970199660283 -75.1657011513155 5