Board of Edu/ Pro-evolution rally in Austin, Texas, on March 25

We sent this email to the Rachel Maddow Show asking that she and anybody reading it please help get this information on the Texas State Board Of Education vote on kids' science textbooks around to people.

Dear Rachel,

This is a real news item, the bombastic subject line used to get your hard to get attention. My husband and I and a dozen scientists and educators are organizing a pro-evolution rally in Austin, Texas, on March 25, at 1701 N. Congress starting at 10 AM to stop the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) from voting the superstitious dogma of creationism into kids’ science textbooks, something ugly and evil enough to have it denounced as child abuse for the harm it does children’s minds in confusing hocus-pocus religious notions with scientific understanding. Nature evolved. God did not make it with a wink of his eye and a wiggle of his finger, and it is dangerous to grow up thinking that way. Please let your viewers know about this rally. It is imperative that people concerned about their children and grandchildren’s wellbeing show up down here in fundamentalist Texas to make their feelings known to those who will be deciding this most important issue.

Ruth Calabria

For more information on the rally and why it is so important to get lots of people to attend and have it be a million man (women and children) pro-science march to expunge the conservative anti-science hostility of the Bush years, log onto Lots of emails from scientists, educators, supporters, creationists and a couple of SBOE members are also on the website.
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CommunityMan 2yrs+
So what was the result of the rally?
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of StreetAdvisor.

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