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here you Need Help to Buy Xanax online Buy Xanax Overnight Order Norco Online
here you Need Help to Buy Xanax online Buy Xanax Overnight Order Norco Online
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People with addiction problems are able to order hundreds of powerful opioids painkillers by taking advantage of the lack of proper screening with registered online pharmacies, the Guardian can appear.

There is no warning system to identify many online regulatory and operational legal pharmacies when one orders multiple orders at the same address.

Protective tampering means that people can order hundreds of pills in a month.

The online pharmacy regulator, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC), is demanding strong measures to start and says that it is consulting online that online pharmacies should stop the supply of opiates until further investigation That is

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David (not his real name) told the Guardian that his wife, who had made an addiction, after establishing several accounts this year, ordered four weeks in a month for the strong opioid dihydrocodyn from the website-4-U. Hundreds of bullets reached the same address, but unusual activity was not flagged on their system.


"Why do not online pharmacies have the ability to check the different accounts associated with the same address?" They said. "It happens with insurance and many other industries."

Doctor-4-U said that it checks IDs completely, but if someone uses a different family member ID and credit card, then many orders were possible at the same address. It was said that it will not be flagged on its system.

After the Guardian raised this issue, the company said it will safeguard measures to protect against this problem, "to demonstrate our commitment to making our online pharmacy as secure as possible".
John Elliot, IT director of Doctor-4-U owner Made connection said: "We are constantly investing in our system to detect such fraudulent activity."

The GPHC said that it was not aware of a study that used to show numbers using online pharmacies, but it is likely to be in thousands. Last year, Pharmacy 2 U, who claims that it is Britain's largest online pharmacy, said that it distributed more than 200,000 items to patients in one month.

The Guardian has also found that the Doctor-4-U and another leading online pharmacy, UK MEDES are being investigated by GPHC, which governs online operating operations, even though the details of the concerns were raised - even if They are related to many orders - they could not be detected.

A UK-Made spokesman said: "[We] are a regulated and responsibly ongoing online healthcare portal, which are actively lobbying for the highest security standards in the industry. Care and safety of the patient The origin of our business Is in. "

The news comes because the increase in concerns about the increasing number of people seeking help on slipped tablets purchased online. The Guardian reported this month that clinics designed to help teenagers accustomed to Xanax and other therapeutic drugs are being sought by adults who use bullets purchased online.

Yasser Abbasi, a clinical director of addiction services at the Mercy Care NHS Foundation Trust, said: "If you are getting many prescriptions from an address in the UK, then it should be a warning system to make it difficult to proceed, As there is a regulation to ensure that you can not buy two boxes of paracetamol in a supermarket ...

"If you buy something online you will have to go through a central system, even if you travel online by online pharmacy, then what you buy can be monitored."

Change the prescription for regulating pharmacy
Duncan Rudkin
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GPHC said that in June, 17 cases related to online pharmacies were examined. Its main concern was about how patients used online medicines which could be subject to misbehavior and about the safety of procedures.
GPHC Chief Executive Duncan Rudkin said: "We have set up the actions we are proposing that online pharmacy owners will be expected to meet our standards and ensure that people get online medicines safely It involves identifying multiple commands at the same address or using the same payment details. "

Watchdog is taking public consultation on the proposed new safeguards, in which online pharmacies should stop supplying certain drugs such as opiates and opiodes until further investigation is conducted.

There are currently 445 pharmacies which bear the Council's logo. They can sell opiates and opioids such as tramdol, co-codamol, coden and dihydrocodine, if abuse can cause serious addiction.

David said that his wife was able to order hundreds of pills using his credit card. He started doing this in 2016 after being addicted to opioid hydrocodone, which he was given for the slipped disc.

When she was not pregnant, she was pregnant by clicking on a question on a form, though she was pregnant, although in this example the bullets were not received from the doctor-4-U and David did not remember what they were Came from the website.

"It meant that when my son was born, he had a high assessment on the phenomenon scale - basically the children were born who showed signs of opiate addiction - but it got passed."

He said that addiction has had a big impact on his family. "The investigation is not enough just for issuing the medicine. I can not go to the doctor and I can say, 'I want this medicine' - I tell them my symptoms and the doctor prescribes medicine, but it is against the online pharmacies. The opposite is the way. You say 'I want this' and the doctor sees it, "he said.

Concerns about websites that allow the selection of medicines including opiates and opiodes have been raised before consultation. GPHC said: "There are additional risks to the safety of the patient when only medicines can be selected before taking proper consultation with the doctor.

"For example, if a patient has to answer questions before a health care professional decides to make his or her decision, then he can fill many questionnaires, what can answer for learning so that they can bring the medicine into question. "

Speaking anonymously, a former online pharmacy worker who recently left his employer due to concerns about security said, "Although procedures and security measures have been taken, the customer still has different email addresses and accounts You can order many using. "
He further said: "It is not a problem with some products, but it can be very dangerous for the opioids."

Abbasi said: "We are seeing an increase in drug related deaths, and prescription drugs are playing a greater role. Things are almost at crisis point."
In these critical times ...
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