Best streets in St. George

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Hyatt St

Ranked 1st best street in St. George

"Where the Stars are shining"

- nobacs
Hyatt Street is located at junction between Stuyvesant Pl and St. Mark Pl . Where you can find St. George Theatre, the most magnificent theatre in its day but now it serves as a cultural arts center....
40.6419350905336 -74.0771085604242

Wall St

Ranked 2nd best street in St. George

"The Different Thing"

- 76thStreet
When the first time I was there, I got confused about the name of the street. I finally figured out it has nothing to do with another Wall Street in the city, which is much more famous. For this Wall...
40.6437098474638 -74.0785827517592
Ranked 3rd best street in St. George

" Benziger Avenue, Staten Island, New York "

- nobacs
Benzinger Ave. is other quit , peaceful and less traffic place. Most of this place is a residence area. There is no such big business establishments here, only the two schools located between here an...
40.6398070057036 -74.0824599928898
Ranked 4th best street in St. George


- nobacs
Against de Grill, My Car Services, Beauty Salon, Internet Café Enterprises are the only business establishment found in Montgomery Avenue and the rest of it is a residence area. Montgomery Avenue is l...
40.6400445009743 -74.0783724861391
Ranked 5th best street in St. George

"St. Mark Place, State Island, NYC"

- nobacs
Along In St. Mark Pl., It’s a quit place and less traffic during the regular days. As you pass by in this street, there are two schools namely the Ralph Mc Kee Vocational High and St. George School....
40.6453812508635 -74.0807638387438

Nicholas St

Ranked 6th best street in St. George

"It's all about the gardens"

- TamanduaGirl
Nicholas Street Gardens apartments are the place to be. The view is great. a good place to stay. There is a park area and a salon. Off the main street but close to all you will need with the fairy nea...
40.6466503348204 -74.0810700092831
Ranked 7th best street in St. George


- nobacs
New York City Teachers Center and PS 16 are among of the schools here in Monroe Ave. It is a quit place , there’s no major business establishment here. Its another residence area. It is not busy area...
40.6401034595428 -74.0792286672228
Ranked 8th best street in St. George

"On Westervelt Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Westervelt Avenue isn’t much of anything. You won’t find much in the way of anything on this Westervelt Avenue. Though it wasn’t really a sight for sore eyes, this street was calm and nicely populate...
40.6416988071103 -74.0832089863895

Unranked Streets

"Great Place for a Family and Schooling"

- Adgate26
This quaint little neighborhood is a perfect escape from the busy atmosphere of New York City. Surrounded by nice schools, landscaping, and parking, this is a great place for someone probably ready to...
40.6400470050843 -74.0861200024703

"A family place with school"

- TamanduaGirl
this street had Ps 31 elementary school. This is a very good school with a great principal and teaching staff. There are single family homes here as well as multifamily. Having the school nearby is gr...
40.6414430023053 -74.0860965011562

Taft Ave


"Many multi family homes here"

- TamanduaGirl
Not far from the ferry there are several multifamily homes here you might find a room in. There are a few homes for sale from time to time as well if you have that kind of money. There are a few small...
40.6407425035802 -74.0861080017698

Academy Pl


"A short drive to get there"

- TamanduaGirl
A short road between Wall Street and Hamilton Ave. Academy place is a turn you take to get to the museum. There is parking and a place to stay on the corner. There is a nice park like area with grass...
40.6443820008928 -74.0788979958266

"An awesome cul-de-sac in St. George."

- steph711
Beechwood Ave is a really great street. It is right in the Saint George neighborhood of Staten Island. The homes here are pretty historic and beautiful. This street is right down the block from the Mi...
40.6431373159665 -74.0849731738046

"I will never drive through Staten Island at night again!"

- Glcameron
There is an annoyance to the flow of traffic and the way other people drive in this area! I'm so serious. I was visiting from Virginia and I wanted to take my friend to a baseball game and I found tha...
40.6434815664967 -74.0803101039102

Bismark Ave


"It is a culdesac"

- TamanduaGirl
Bismark is a culdesac with homes near by. There is a school in the area and it is a short walk to the ferry. It's a vary quiet street. If you live in the area you could try parking here. There are som...
40.6405659768618 -74.0851241930602

Carroll Pl


"I would love to live on this street, they are so close to th..."

- Glcameron
During my visit to Staten Island one summer a friend and I took a drive down Richmond Terrace. We got a little lost but decided to take advantage of it and go exploring through the neighborhoods in th...
40.6474750769633 -74.0849888339245

"This neighborhood seemed semi normal amoung the chaos of Sta..."

- Glcameron
I'm originally from South Carolina and I'm used to the old cardinal rule of southern charm. I never felt so out of place as when I went to Staten Island. Not everyone was mean but there was this autom...
40.6427291036843 -74.0811940149825

Egmont Pl


"Cool calm and collected"

- Justin405
This street is quiet. Its perfect for families with older kids. They will never have a problem getting to school with the highschool just across the street. Friday nights might get a bit loud though s...
40.6448690017414 -74.0844365020796

"Firt Hill Cirdle in Brighton Heights"

- TamanduaGirl
This street is in Norther Brighton Heights. There are several large old homes. it's not far from the Jewish Community center. It's right near down town. It really should be listed as historic and pres...
40.6422866714611 -74.0818329415268

"Goregous street through one of the best parts of Staten Isla..."

- sparkleandfade
Most of Staten Island has a very suburban, generic feel. You time your day to the ferry and escape into the city for the day before retreating 'home' to sleep in the evening. But there are a few neigh...
40.6410095194322 -74.0819095961614
40.6409827641992 -74.08182966863 7

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