Best streets in Queens Village

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106th Ave

Ranked 1st best street in Queens Village

"Busy Summer around Belmont"

- MLiebers
106th is one of the busier streets in this area during the summer because of the Belmont racing track. Hope that you are on foot here, because there will be virtually no parking, and it will be very...
40.7101631372683 -73.734890169606
Ranked 2nd best street in Queens Village

"Busy City Street"

- shannonshonuff
Has moderate foot traffic. Access to public transportation. Taxi and Buses. Close to JFK airport and highways. Long Island Railroad is about 5 minutes away.Local and ethnic food. Chinese and fastfood....
40.713008796111 -73.7348372135601

101st Ave

Ranked 3rd best street in Queens Village

"Quiet, Working Class Area"

- iencyst
I used to live near here on 212th Street and 92nd Ave. This is a quiet working class residential area. Not much in the way of entertainment, but there are ample ethnic (Spanish/Caribbean/West Indian)...
40.7141540237116 -73.7332378277179

Unranked Streets

100th Ave


"Everyone keeps to themselves"

- coolinout
Was looking for a place to rent and came across 100th avenue. Would have pulled the trigger to move in, however there was a suicide, murder at the end of the street near the dead end. Neighbors usuall...
40.7154787069619 -73.7408373409989

104th Ave


"104th Avenue is Clean and Convenient and Pretty Upscale"

- JeanS
104th Avenue is in the Queens Village community of Queens, New York. Located within a few blocks of Hempstead Turnpike (a major shopping street), it is a pleasant street that contains mainly single...
40.7121481514084 -73.7423930462242

107th Ave


"This is a nice part of Queens"

- SoniaG
We walked from 106th Avenue and enjoyed the view. This is mostly residential area and on the way, we passed a very beautiful church. We saw many families and they were friendly enough to give their ad...
40.7090593785287 -73.7334037398314

217th St


"low key family oriented neighborhood"

- xXxKellyxXx
217th Street in Queens is another low key, family oriented, quiet neighborhood in the eastern part of the borough. This is a safe neighborhood and good for families. However, it is quite a long commut...
40.7158466242398 -73.7412860565887

218th St


"Pretty Houses, Friendly Neighborhood, Clean Streets"

- JeanS
As someone who hails from Brooklyn, going to Queens was like going to a foreign country, especially trying to get around the borough with all of the numbered streets, roads and avenues. 218th Street...
40.7198585861454 -73.7382844868317

223rd St


"A Nice Quiet Neighborhood"

- hhusted
If you are looking for a nice neighborhood that is somewhat quiet, you will like 223rd Street. There really are no apartment buildings along this route. You mainly see individual family homes. It is a...
40.7071329311164 -73.7333937151663

224th St


"East 224th Street"

- Macsizzle
I found an interesting art store on this street, Wayne Bowen Art Illustration. With lots of great prints and sketches, I think it’s a nice place to buy a new focal point for a living room. Otherwise,...
40.7160341659385 -73.7293901626579

226th St


"nice but slightly boring area"

- xXxKellyxXx
226th Street is in eastern Queens, NY. It is a very long commute to Manhattan for work or entertainment. However, you are close to the Long Island Expressway so that is convenient. This is a really qu...
40.7008479238928 -73.7314894025986

89th Ave


"Lots of Hospital Residents Call this Street Home"

- bolena
89th Street is a place I lived for three years across from St. Anthony's Hospital. It is an extremely busy street and the sounds of sirens, vehicles, and the blare of honking horns, are a part of eve...
40.7226065804206 -73.7539462081398

97th Ave


"Very busy street!"

- SoniaG
Visiting 97th Street in Queens, New York was interesting. We were in search of places to live and found this area to be busy! There are older apartment buildings in this area and it seems to be kid fr...
40.7173886569738 -73.7339054961856

99th Ave


"A Quiet Street that Runs Adjacent to the Railroad Tracks"

- JeanS
When you look out your front windows from parts of 99th Avenue in the Queens Village neighborhood of Queens, New York, you won't see your neighbor's house. You'll see a high fence which separates t...
40.7146519660588 -73.7428280945137

Edmore Ave


"Edmore Ave is a all homes all the time"

- anime018
Its a avenue were you'll find homes that are very much like any new york movie that deals with a lower middle class family, it can be loud and and you can find kids sitting at the front of there home...
40.7249295253571 -73.7324865878679

Fairbury Ave


"Nice and quiet environment"

- jsoto625
Fairbury avenue in Bellerose Ny is a very quiet street yet it has all the essentials for raising children. There is a small park on that street where children can go on the swings ans slides as well a...
40.724291832805 -73.7320120316121

Hollis Ave


"A cross section of life."

- anime018
Hollis ave is a avenue that goes by the cross secton of all queens from lower class to higher class houses and the street are a easy why to see that, from potholes to smooth streets and big houses its...
40.709797211555 -73.7442337847992

Jamaica Ave


"Pot holes and slow traffic all the way from start to finish "

- anime018
Jamaica ave is a major avenue that runs for at least i think 20 miles. the traffic is slow and i always seem to be stuck in something there are clear roads but there is always someone stopped or a tru...
40.7182311467733 -73.7359851720676

Murdock Ave


"Jamaica, St. Albans., and beyond..."

- MLiebers
Murdock Ave is one of the quieter roads that span a pretty good sized distance traveling southern queens west to east. On the west side, the road begins near a small park that has a few walking trail...
40.7032852826329 -73.7420550492897

"Homes living new york style "

- anime018
Its a suburb in the way new york and big city's can only be houses are close by and people are walking up and down the streets and kids with bikes and basketballs going to a near by park. The area as...
40.7011387615443 -73.7426697375529
40.7161923039518 -73.742310225119 7

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