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Pawnee Pl

Ranked 1st best street in Morris Park

"Wonderful Street"

- vbchica14
Pawnee Place like Pinchot Place is a street I have always wanted to live on. It is a small simple street with a combination of tudor (I think that's the style) and brink single family houses. Everyo...
40.8548815017649 -73.8495395039281

Unranked Streets

"Business Business Business"

- smd4newsboys
This street is small but it has more than its fair share of industry i found this street to be way to industrial for my tastes not a great place to live at all. I don't know how people can stand it. I...
40.8536494846377 -73.8414657258297

Brady Ave


"On Brady Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This street is really just a throughfare and there isn’t much to offer in the way of food or things to do. Perhaps you’d just enjoy the quiet simplicity, though I think this is a little too far for co...
40.8522976103146 -73.8615915580407

"Another Top Bronx Spot"

- vbchica14
Choctaw Place is one of my favorite streets in the Bronx. There are about 3 streets I wished I could have lived on and it is one of them. Choctaw Place has gorgeous, and pretty large for within New...
40.8554445014436 -73.8500615032442

"On Colden Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This short street in the Bronx wasn’t really all that impressive. It was mainly residential and the residences weren’t all that great to look at. All in all, it was an average street on an average blo...
40.8500694568282 -73.8578210113234

"On Fowler Avenue"

- Macsizzle
This short street in the Bronx wasn’t really all that impressive. It was mainly residential and the residences weren’t all that great to look at. All in all, it was an average street on an average blo...
40.8472638179934 -73.8589089333255

"On Haight Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Haight Avenue isn’t much of anything. You won’t find much in the way of anything on this South Bronx street. Though it wasn’t really a sight for sore eyes, this street was calm and nicely populated,...
40.8512790103734 -73.8543926193181

"On Lurting Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Lurting Avenue is street is a prime place in the Bronx to live. This neighborhood was also fairly lively and filled with activity, a wonderful place for a young couple or someone new to the city entir...
40.8496457146362 -73.8542147889675

"On Narrangansett Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Narrangansett Avenue Street is a short street in the Bronx. This street is filled with small service oriented businesses and shops, and has a nice quaint feel. The neighborhood itself is quite conveni...
40.854516296749 -73.8502091943954

Neill Ave


"On Neill Avenue"

- Macsizzle
A variety of businesses line this street, though there isn’t much in the way of “a lot of fun.” This is what I refer to as a residentially convenient street, with various goods and services being offe...
40.8531657840349 -73.8567061509706

"A Grimy Shortcut to Another Grimy Road"

- pivotal868
Morris Park Avenue is an odd street. There are some parts of the street that feel really quaint with a New England charm and then there are other areas that look and feel just down right shady. The ar...
40.8506815001387 -73.8471169988978

"On Paulding Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Paulding Avenue is filled with various businesses and small shops in this fluid and exciting neighborhood in the Bronx. I really liked the look and feel of the area and also the friendly people. I thi...
40.8481664848501 -73.8552425157565

Pinchot Pl


"Gorgeous St"

- vbchica14
Pinchot Place is a very small street with gorgeous single family houses. It is barely a block long, but is in a great location as it is very close to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Jacob...
40.8535825014726 -73.8485955032565

"On Radcliff Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Another street with convenience designed for the residents Radcliff Avenue is quite simply home to many people. There is nothing remarkable here, and as landmarks and sights tend to dwindle as you cli...
40.8485763830252 -73.857747193883

"On Rhinelander Avenue"

- Macsizzle
With many small business, churches, and restaurants, this street has constant traffic, but perhaps not constant fun. I think that this would be a nice street to live on, though it seems that there are...
40.8519560380578 -73.8535756490573

Seminole Ave


"Pretty and Quiet Street"

- vbchica14
Seminole Avenue is a very pretty tree lines street with single or two-family townhouses. It is a very nice street that is two ways that is right near the Jacobi Medical Center and the Albert Einstein...
40.8542972212579 -73.8481351804664

"Bustling with Activity"

- Macsizzle
Stillwell Avenue is a bustling street in the Bronx, New York. This street has a bit of something for everyone. First, car repair. This street alone houses 5+ mechanics shops. Second, food. With cheap...
40.8553630087342 -73.8408695690534

"On Tomlinson Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Tomlinson Avenue is a simple street in the Bronx. I like this area a lot and think that it very easily accessible and good place to live if you’re thinking about moving to the Bronx from anywhere in t...
40.8510063099884 -73.8530922690622

Yates Ave


"On Yates Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Yates Avenue is filled with several service oriented businesses and shops. This area is wonderful. With limited traffic and a nice neighborhood feel, this area is a great place for people with familie...
40.8517492045916 -73.8513195822229

Unreviewed Streets

40.8480250325599 -73.8584096197988
40.8512350336834 -73.8537640969911 7

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