Best streets in College Point

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25th Ave

Ranked 1st best street in College Point

"I love the Vibe of 25th avenue"

- ashci08
When I was visiting here while looking for homes, I noticed that there was alot of baseball activity going on. The neighborhood has this big beautiful park filled with laughter and activity. I even jo...
40.7765493243933 -73.8413047562804

5th Ave

Ranked 2nd best street in College Point

"College Point Shore Front Park"

- hhusted
Wow! All I can say is what a park to go to. I was there and trust me it is beautiful. It was well kept and so peaceful. If you really want to go somewhere that is quiet and serene, this is the place t...
40.7924953184614 -73.8406368520356

15th Ave

Ranked 3rd best street in College Point

"Nice, Average Neighborhood"

- ashci08
This was a busy, but average neighborhood. It kinda reminded me of 13th and church street in Wilmington, NC. So suttle, but full of laugh and flava'. It's a great place for people with kids and couple...
40.7850468581266 -73.8417009139592

136th St

Ranked 4th best street in College Point

"Pretty Nice for family"

- ashci08
When I was visiting here, it was on my way to searching for a new home and making a new start. Im used to bein in live, violent areas. I really liked the change of scenary. Cleans streets, shopping, w...
40.7862702403015 -73.832787231924
Ranked 5th best street in College Point

"Thoughts of Petracca Place: Really tranquil and slow paced"

- ashci08
I lived on Petracca Place for two years a long time ago. I just liked the fact that the job I was working was loud and fast paced and coming home to a tranquil and peaceful place. There's not alot of...
40.782993040278 -73.8277827753233

144th St

Ranked 6th best street in College Point

"On North Drive"

- Macsizzle
North Drive is a nice mainly residential street near the water in a great and more affluent section of Queens. Though other streets nearby might have more to offer in the way of dining and shopping, t...
40.7911378561344 -73.8270389902454

23rd Ave

Ranked 7th best street in College Point

"On 23rd Avenue"

- Macsizzle
Here, you’ll find several small businesses and things to do, though there isn’t really much in the way of fun. Of course, as with any city, you have residential areas and you have commercial areas. Ge...
40.7786088509064 -73.8436982244298
Ranked 8th best street in College Point

"Home Improvement Supply Area"

- roadmaster
This area is filled with lumber yards and even cement companies. Not only that but, there's a few nice little bars and pool halls. Mostly owned by Chinese or Korean but there are a few companies that'...
40.7705715106881 -73.8430117387599

Unranked Streets

10th Ave


"Great for families!"

- SoniaG
We came to South Drive in Queens, New York in search of a place to live and we really liked this area so much! There were so many families around and there was a great comfortable feeling when explori...
40.788541677872 -73.8419416674302

11th Ave


"On 11th Avenue"

- Macsizzle
There’s a school, a coffee shop, and general relaxed on this street in Flushing Queens. Though I wasn’t impressed by the look of the street, I was with the people here, and the general that they calle...
40.7877281768741 -73.8363430603907

131st St


"Quiet Residential Street"

- shannonshonuff
Mostly private houses. Moderate local traffic.Within driving distance of major airports and public transportation. Older homes. Ethnically diverse with lots of kids. Some foot traffic. No shoppping or...
40.7816684079768 -73.837776583925

13th Ave


"A few blocks of homes"

- TamanduaGirl
Mostly just homes but is near a medical center and several restaurants. It's a good area for new families, there are many baby shops like, Mimi Maternity, Baby King and Queen, The Children's Place, a...
40.7867225914899 -73.842051486791

143rd Pl


"A place to live you have money"

- TamanduaGirl
Lots of nice big homes with in driveway parking and garages, some places with pools in the yard. Some nice older trees. Some really big yards. The people are nice but it is not very multicultural. A n...
40.7874117668768 -73.825576022345

"Whitestone Expressway and 3rd Ave. WATERFRONT RESIDENTAL!"

This is a great Queens Street! There is city acess via Whitestone Expressway. It lines Francis Lewis Park. The homes are much larger. And a little off to Powells Cove, much more impressive, Some ho...
40.784968056647 -73.824762911505

Unreviewed Streets

110th St

40.7846271754377 -73.8568211589727

111th St

40.7854331255287 -73.8559722213827

112th St

40.7847759001039 -73.8550251647935

113th St

40.7851445000061 -73.8541459996714

114th St

40.7847638007957 -73.8532170803753

116th St

40.7865415426076 -73.8513510757098
40.7838578235832 -73.8402155428095 7

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