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El Presidio

Ranked 1st best neighborhood in Tucson

"A definite stop, if you know where to look."

- Zerghumper
It may be crammed in between alot of other streets, but nevertheless it has it's own sense of touch. It has a definite feel of mexican heritage in the buildings and food. Toma and El Charro, are just...
32.2252120525789 -110.976049727063
Ranked 2nd best neighborhood in Tucson

"Plenty of smells and colors to draw you in."

- Zerghumper
This is a long and contemporary street. Running through both buisnesses and residential areas the street gives you a way to look at the entire city in one look. To be honest the last time I saw it...
32.2171782067511 -110.966299936817

Unranked Neighborhoods



"Glenn, convenient without being too busy"

- vorpalblad
Glenn is odd because as a residential street, I don't think of it as being in the "center" of anything, but Aqua Vita natural foods is on Glenn and Country Club, and just a block down at Tucson, Ted's...
32.261369217907 -110.921952518227

"Reasonably quiet - Great Access"

- benmcmahan
Relatively quiet - neighborhood built in the 50s, retirees and renters slowly replaced by renovators. Things are cleaning up, and there is good access to a diversity of activities, shopping, the Rill...
32.2536616225749 -110.939803294752

Campus Farm


"Townhouses by the UA Farm"

- coatimundi
I had zeroed in on this part of town years ago but had trouble finding a suitable rental property until the housing crisis flooded the rental market, and I moved in with my girlfriend to a townhouse h...
32.2789752076466 -110.952931167344

"Convenient and Beautiful"

- vorpalblad
E. 2nd Street is filled with lovely old homes from the ‘30s and ‘40s. Because it is close to the university, parking can be difficult but it also means that it is within walking distance of shopping,...
32.2318218240268 -110.972722036113



"The university hangout."

- ChrisTurk
The street is dominated by shops and restaurants and clubs designed for college students. And as such is populated almost entirely by college students as well. It's near the university, important fo...
32.2377750587212 -110.965939532787

"Don't be fooled by the name!"

- smh1182
When we got off of I10, I thought for sure this road would be like Chicago's Miracle Mile. How wrong I was! the street is fairly busy, but there are no places to shop at. You can find some trailers, h...
32.2725334567341 -110.992177479965

"It's close to campus on the orange line"

- Qwijib0
On 2 city bus lines, and one campus shuttle line. Decent eating and a grocery store within walking distance. Just watch out for the ghettobird flying overhead at night.
32.2607755337126 -110.952495381129

Iron Horse


"Only recommended for nightowls."

- Zerghumper
Let me start off by saying; I did not feel safe walking down this street late at night. That being said there is plenty to do in this area, but unfortunatly it's mostly bars so you need to come at nig...
32.2229856134049 -110.963280522137



"Close to everything."

- ChrisTurk
The west end of the street borders on the industrial but east of 1st ave it gets more homey and residential. They even have islands and speed bumps in the road to slow down traffic on the street, but...
32.2567820278244 -110.965992398897

"Frick: The name says it all"

- vorpalblad
Frick is in a strictly residential neighborhood. The homes are poorly made, and in some cases poorly maintained. That’s counterbalanced by the friendliness of the neighbors and the fact that most ar...
32.1843031147671 -110.815587875085

""Great Restaurant, Delicious Food""

- SylDeo
N Oracle Road is the home to Ye Olde Lantern, an exquisite restaurant, a Tucson favorite. This restaurant serves Tucson's favorite mesquite-broiled steaks, prime rib and seafood. But that's not the o...
32.2556386145478 -110.982773157314

"A nice neighborhood"

- cft073
Lost of families, retirees, and senior college students. The look of the area is improving with young people moving in and renovating houses. Most of the neighborhood was built in the late 40s, many...
32.2539420881583 -110.955938618828

""Breathtaking Views On E Kleindale Rd ""

- SylDeo
E Kleindale Rd was the home to our Bed and Breakfast, the Cactus Cove. The view from this peaceful street is gorgeous, each direction you look you see something completely different. It's simply b...
32.2687028255548 -110.939245650072



"Too confusing to navigate."

- jstrauss
I didn't live here very long, but it was long enough to realize that this street has a bit of a detour. I know that there are plenty of streets that have a hiatus in them. I have seen them where the a...
32.1716326558112 -110.980670973512

"Community Pool, Park, Playground and School all on one stree..."

- modified95
This is a wonderful street to live on in a mixed, comfortable community. Ridgeland Park subdivision has a variety of personalities. There are many families with young children, working singles, and re...
32.1851584465894 -110.787640982927

""Streets Overpowered By Apartment Buildings""

- SylDeo
I visited this street in the passing, but in all honesty there is nothing that would inspire me to stay/stop over and check it out in depth. Perhaps I am wrong, as I am just a tourist, but the street...
32.2437304395155 -110.888435054117

"Tucson's retail center"

- ChrisTurk
It's a long street, but where I lived was kind of in the middle, just around the corner from the mall. As you'd expect decent restaurants and shops and stuff are everywhere, though nearly all of them...
32.2319515672427 -110.964051395325

Unreviewed Neighborhoods

32.2016115311429 -111.000843865028
32.1989307944296 -110.996994766603 5

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