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"Controlled Community"

- NikkiDKatt
I stumbled across this place when we were researching Richmond as a possible place to live. Atchison Village is actually a pretty historic spot. During WWII, the Port of Richmond was one of the major...
37.933208669118 -122.372712792161

"Crime and Bad Schools Maek It a Deal Breaker"

- NikkiDKatt
Belding Woods is a largish neighborhood just north of the Richmond BART Station and south of Richmond High School. This is pretty much just a residential neighborhood filled with the characteristic...
37.9437164974951 -122.351348861189

"Good Richmond Commuter Neighborhood"

- NikkiDKatt
Carriage Hills North is one of those newer tract house developments, where all the homes were clearly designed by the same home builders—they do not look identical but they all are built in roughly th...
37.9679069051347 -122.253494611385

"Not Much Like Richmond"

- NikkiDKatt
Carriage Hills South is the farthest east you can go and still technically be in Richmond. The neighborhood, however, doesn’t feel at all like Richmond. To begin, unlike most neighborhoods in Richmond...
37.9611116511855 -122.248298376853

City Center


"The Center of Violence Maybe"

- NikkiDKatt
Forest Park is just a little four block stretch of a neighborhood with Harbour Way one end and the BART railroad tracks on the other. Kaiser Permanente (the hospital) and the Richmond BART Station are...
37.9328187775025 -122.352389289098



"Depressing and Dangerous"

- NikkiDKatt
Let’s start where you have to start when it comes to neighborhoods in Richmond, with crime concerns. In the last 6 months there has been one murder here in the Coronado neighborhood and one murder j...
37.9265491496445 -122.353874082594

"Broken Windows"

- NikkiDKatt
Fenced in yards, steel-reinforced front doors and occasional piles of refuse greet you in the Cortez/Stege neighborhood of Richmond. In the bestselling book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell expla...
37.9248470549468 -122.340000275565



"No Different than Carriage Hills"

- NikkiDKatt
Countryside is a little neighborhood squeezed in between Carriage Hills North and Carriage Hills south. (It is little more than a half dozen courts.) It is pretty much indistinguishable from these ne...
37.9627810145144 -122.252518246147

"Low Crime But Bad Schools"

- NikkiDKatt
East Richmond, as the name indicates, is the long stretch of neighborhood just to the east of Highway 80, ranging from Canyon Park to McBryde Ave. This is definitely one of the nicest neighborhoods...
37.9405326338837 -122.322597939799

East Shore


"A Nice Slice of Richmond"

- NikkiDKatt
The East Shore neighborhood in Richmond is a tiny, little pizza slice of a neighborhood, which strangely, is not really on the east shore, as far as I can tell, since there really isn’t a shore on the...
37.9198362911815 -122.329655194223

"Hidden Away But Affordable"

- NikkiDKatt
Just to the east of May Valley, El Sobrante Hills is also not very much like what we usually think of Richmond. In fact, it feels a lot more like El Sobrante than its larger, blighted neighbor to the...
37.9634742365225 -122.27414747388


- t.j
Hilltop Fairmede area is fairly quite except for children playing in the neighborhood; which is a welcomed sight these days. The streets can be crowded on certain blocks which makes it hard for your v...
37.9732972518461 -122.330445627578

Forest Park


"Close to BART So You Can Leave More Easily"

- NikkiDKatt
Forest Park is just a little four block stretch of a neighborhood with Harbour Way one end and the BART railroad tracks on the other. Kaiser Permanente (the hospital) and the Richmond BART Station are...
37.939225368345 -122.357453714173

"As Old as the Old Folk's Home"

- NikkiDKatt
This is a tiny neighborhood just off San Pablo Dam Road. (San Pablo Dam Road is a back way that many people use to commute deeper into Contra Costa County from the Richmond area. It allows people to...
37.9631383176861 -122.297538622448



"Nice Quiet Woodsy Neighborhood"

- NikkiDKatt
The Greenbriar neighborhood is one of the newer neighborhoods in Richmond, having those kinds of Contemporary style homes that became so popular in the late 1970’s—the kind that have incorporated othe...
37.9596621479133 -122.271445893668

"Great Views, Bad Schools"

- NikkiDKatt
Hasford Heights is small neighborhood crowning the northern most foothills of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. On the western end of the neighborhood, hilly streets are lined by nicely kept Ranch homes,...
37.9582578689614 -122.317317157023

"The Mall and Apartments"

- NikkiDKatt
Of course, when talking about Hilltop-Bayview we have to start with what draws people here: the Hilltop Mall. This is basically one of those giant Fast Time at Ridgemont High style malls where you h...
37.9837930807685 -122.325035480895

Marina Bay


"A gated gem"

- Chrystal Ulanday
The parks are BEAUTIFUL. My boyfriend lives in one of the gated communities and the trail right behind his house is wonderful. There are various parks along the trail, including dog parks, and a wonde...
37.9169465149961 -122.345184504341

May Valley


"Probably Richmond's Nicest Neighborhood--So Un Richmond"

- NikkiDKatt
This section of Richmond is definitely my favorite—unfortunately it is probably because it seems so very un-Richmond-like. I don’t mean to insult Richmond. I like much of the East Bay, my new home, b...
37.9709021126242 -122.290756640663

"Some Really Nice Pockets Here"

- NikkiDKatt
North and East Richmond is another giant residential neighborhood filled with lots of older pre-WWII homes. This neighborhood is just to north and east of Richmond BART. North and East Richmond is...
37.9433393588776 -122.33850997133
37.9537276251598 -122.315213417568 5

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