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Ranked 1st best city in Nevada

"A great place to live or visit"

- BroncoFan
Henderson, Nevada is a suburb of Las Vegas and I initially had some reservations about staying there. Thinking it was so close to downtown Las Vegas I wrongly assumed it would be a little less than st...
36.0033493648974 -115.088258685805
Spring Valley
Ranked 2nd best city in Nevada

"Upscale Homes for Well-to-Do Golfers"

- SuzyQ
Golfers will enjoy living on Castle Pines Avenue, which is part of a larger development of single family homes, duplexes and condos that are built adjacent to and right on the Spanish Trail Country Cl...
36.1022934368075 -115.276128944551


Ranked 3rd best city in Nevada

"Truckee river looks enchanting"

- jammy
Riverside drive runs in close neighborhood of Truckee river. It continues from the Ralston street and goes further to end at its intersection with Booth street. Shade is plenty along the street. Thank...
39.5258398554032 -119.852709408785

Las Vegas

Ranked 4th best city in Nevada

"Got Spirit?"

- KatieMcNeal
I've lived in many places and yes including the highly proclaimed San Diego, and I always end up back in Vegas. My husband and I've been lured to other states with big money job offers, at the end we...
36.2342137847684 -115.239069605591


Ranked 5th best city in Nevada

"A single man's bachelor party weekend ...... Take friends!!..."

- Glcameron
Wow!!!! Mere words that describe the inside of The Seemless Club on Arville St. A few friends took me there as a joke. We were intersted in having a few drinks and a few lap dances but WHOA! The girls...
36.0689132081798 -115.13522518275
Ranked 6th best city in Nevada

"North Las Vegas Low cost varied experience"

- ZeeJ
North Las Vegas has two faces. One is home to the most dangerous streets in America. The other face is more north where there is a mix of rural and urban sensibilities. There is Craig regional park wh...
36.2562493503417 -115.114661953571

Unranked Cities

Boulder City


"Let's go to Lake Mead"

- Diswar623
This leads to Lake Mead, one of the prettiest and most serene areas in Vegas. If you want to get away from the casinos and traffic, this is the place to go. The drive is somewhat long but the view i...
35.8723778739366 -114.916130424118



"Caliente Corridor Being Considered Again For Yucca Mountain"

- Nevada
The Yucca Mountain project is far from dead. One of the trickiest parts about building a nuclear waste repository in Yucca Mountain is getting the waste to the facility. One month ago, the Walker Rive...
37.6096706786974 -114.522610127175

"Carson City, Nevada"

- alintea
I have lived here for 2 and half years now. I previously was up at Lake Tahoe and never thought Carson City would be a place I would want to live. I moved down here in order to be able to purchase a h...
39.1455460071851 -119.666879398051

"Home Town America"

- Zeus4
This street is great. Enclosed in a gated community, it has a wonderful home town America appeal to it. The development by Lamplight homes, has every home looking and feeling different. The landscapin...
36.010439614739 -115.216849554203
Incline Village-Crystal Bay

"Lake Tahoe Scene"

- StephSF
Located on the California/Nevada state line, Crystal Bay is one of the most common lodging options for Bay Area weekend commuters. It offers the best of all worlds - casinos, gambling, nightlife, prox...
39.254071649073 -119.948292965265



"Laughlin than meets the (untrained) eye."

- Nevada
The word "secret" can most advisedly be used to describe Laughlin. Few outside the Southwestern desert valley this unincorporated town of 8,000 occupies are even aware of its existence. Caught in the...
35.1480277216889 -114.658673111217

"Gorgeous view, very serene"

- Diswar623
This area is why everyone should get away from the casinos for a day trip. Just off of NV 169, this is why I come to the Vegas area. Overton, which is just off of Lake Mead, is a complete opposite o...
36.6067719093968 -114.471079483585



"Beautiful new homes overlooking downtown Reno"

- Marie
I visited a friend who recently had a beautiful home build near El Rancho Drive. Some of the homes in the development have a great view of downtown Reno. The houses are huge and divided with tall fe...
39.5650509311541 -119.730757087012

"The most beautiful street in all of Las Vegas"

- Zeus4
Town Center Drive located on the west side of Las Vegas in the Summerlin community is by far the most beautiful street in Las Vegas. Alternating green ash trees with red fruitless plum trees give this...
36.0950137162334 -115.373660952895

"Okay for late night"

- MaryShirley
This is the kind of street you want to be on after a late night of degenerate activity. Plenty of fast food open late for you and your new pals to sit and sober up while you tell stories of sex, drugs...
36.1888331946649 -115.05682510943



"The first train in Rhyolite was in December of 1906"

- Nevada
This is the Las Vegas Tonopah Railroad Depot. It was completed in June of 1909. It was built of concrete blocks and full gauge train rails at a whopping cost of $130,000. The first train in Rhyolit...
38.1055960603629 -117.239462768222



"Located in East Vegas..."

- MaryShirley
...this street is quiet, residential, and just about as far as you can get from your typical Vegas mental image. I wanted to visit it purely because I loved the name. It is within walking distance of...
36.0996128751702 -115.029167284735



"Great Living within a Beautiful Country Club"

- mellielee
Bel Air Drive is one of the streets inside the Las Vegas Country Club, a gated community with houses placed around a nice golf course. An exclusive area that has been around for decades, the country c...
36.1365253977706 -115.127941342323

Unreviewed Cities

40.6442005966166 -116.939786569103
38.7093505487203 -115.940579281498 4

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