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St. Louis

Ranked 1st best city in Missouri

"Interstate that Leads to Amusement Park"

- smh1182
Go south of town on I 44 and you will find Six Flags Amusement Park. I have been to other Six Flags Parks around the country, but we didn't go to this Six Flags. We drove past and it looked like a bla...
38.6524756348586 -90.2575801378391

Kansas City

Ranked 2nd best city in Missouri

"Ex New Yorker in Love with KC"

- CommentGirl
If you want to own your own place, KC is one of the best, most affordable cities to do that in. It's a fine place to call home whether you're single or ready to settle down and have a family because...
39.1032043661613 -94.5372703286747

Unranked Cities



"A perfect street to raise a family!"

- dkram
Groups of familys will get together and watch their kids play outside. A very family friendly neighborhood.
38.4250836717951 -90.3799294072487



"North Hanley in Saint Louis County"

- o2dk2112
North Hanley has access to several major highways including I-270, I-44, and I-170. North Hanley also has great public transportation available including the Metrolink and Metrobus. There aren't many...
38.714241821374 -90.3283875489873



"Great Neighborhood"

- Hawk67
Away from the hustle & bustle yet very close proximity to all schools grades 5-12. All 4 schools within 4 blocks. Quiet street and well maintained homes. West side of steet has established trees a...
38.8250874830946 -94.5393121682677

Blue Springs


"Great street for kids"

- mdsmithers
Paseo Place is in the heart of subdivision Stonebridge in the Northeast part of Blue Springs, MO. The street is very active with children from toddler to teen.
39.012124999796 -94.2768362050288



"Branson, Missouri"

- steveh17
Branson is a town nestled in the ozark mountains of south west Missouri. It is a well known vacation/tourist destination that prides itself as a "family vacation destination". It could be compared...
36.6306678000384 -93.2744423551902



"Nice residential area"

- kaiserhat
White Ave in Saint Louis is predominately residential. It is a nice street with a lot of trees and the houses have fair sized lawns. In the west it leads up to Tilles park which is a particularly love...
38.6199851901906 -90.3478390845221



"Really been built up in the past 10 years"

- lonegator
Chesterfield Airport Road was once under water (during the 1993 flood) but now is flourishing with tons of shopping centers. As the name says, the Airport Road borders the Spirit of St. Louis Airport...
38.6503474046603 -90.5592944290814

"Nosey, stuck-up place"

- francesbabb
Home of the rich and nosey. Folks here are offended when grocery stores build in the neighboring town. They make it their business to butt into your business.
38.6229119551946 -90.5936882885756



"Lots of Professors"

- shadowcat
This street is populated mostly by professors at the nearby University and their families. It is quiet and quaint. I would guess, however, that if you weren't a professor it would be difficult to live...
38.6446900549671 -90.3295698530243



"Great Neighborhood"

- kbsocial
When I lived on this street it was a great neighborhood. Very family friendly, nearby to many restaurants, grocery, gas, etc
38.9398615209775 -92.334634450065



"Busy, commercial, heavy traffic."

- TSArt
This is a fairly new commercial area of South County. The street features several sit-down restaurants, a large wharehouse store and a department store. One of the few lodging areas in the area is f...
38.513711371699 -90.3592380698599



"Straight out of an Old Western Movie - Almost"

- Wilderness
Remember the old western movies? Well, I am sure that the sets for those movies were all designed based on Main Street in Crane, MO, right down to the dust before it was paved. Everything that was any...
36.9032577561675 -93.5725774576639



"Well there kids at the age of 9 and 10 they like to play in..."

- blade88como
Well I need to know if there's a block captain
38.5588568090035 -90.3745897950216



"As the name of the street suggests, ideal little slice of Am..."

- m1536
Nice little neighborhood established in the '50's. Still populated with mostly-unmolested bungalows with large yards and lots of greenspace. Quiet, with the neighborhood elementary school in walking...
38.5865103917598 -90.5887681585496



"Schools among us"

- Jansjukebox
Litzsinger road, although devided into several sections runs through both rural and urban enviroments. Called Hwy 61 in St. Louis and covers many miles. Access to the Shriners Hospital can be obtained...
38.6295068219119 -90.4180248437089



"Hang On Baby Cause Were Going for a Ride"

- Wilderness
248 was a narrow two lane road that had more curves, twists, and hills on it than most rollercoaster - and it was free to ride on. There are few guardrails, but pleanty of deep ditches to scare you as...
36.8066023659016 -93.4704509513583



"Quiet, neighborly street in older desirable neighborhood"

- HappyOnElm
Young families to older retired persons including singles. Neighborhood parties in summer. Close to many churches and schools. Two Country Clubs within a mile.
38.5936373741197 -90.3831478852585



"The armpit of the KC area."

- RipR
I am in the process of moving from Grandview. The crime is going up (up from already high), the school quality is going down, the roads are poorly maintained, the law enforcement is a joke. I can no...
38.8736268829357 -94.5229853267332
38.1773897676933 -92.1466535919565 4

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