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Ranked 1st best city in Kentucky

"Kentucky's biggest city is a VERY fun and Hip place to be"

- JimJohnson7
Having lived in louisville for a few years now and having previously lived in other parts of Kentucky (and the nation) I can, without a doubt, say that Louisville is the best place I have ever lived....
38.2244365857707 -85.658777475623
Ranked 2nd best city in Kentucky

"Give Lexington a look, there's jobs, people and fun everywhe..."

- Jimels555
Lexington is a really cool city, and it's definitely a horse-lover's dream place. But even if you're not much into horseback riding it's a great place to live. First, this is one of the largest ci...
37.9843247467928 -84.3764083603797

Unranked Cities



"Great Schools and a Safe Town - Alexandria's for Parents!"

- JohnR
I'm going to partially agree with the other reviewer on Alexandria, though I can't say I feel exactly the same about all aspects of the town. First, the town is definitely very friendly and quite s...
38.9557352926521 -84.3836880564464



"Cental Avenue might as well be called Easy Street"

- bucknuts
Central Avenue in Ashland, Kentucky is a calm street that has been taken care of very well. The houses along this street and neat and clean, and the city makes sure it stays this way. Along this stree...
38.4640611499386 -82.6388106492294



"A quiet town - Less to do, but also less to worry about"

- JohnR
Augusta is a small town with a lot of beautiful landscape. I'm actually surprised there aren't more people here considering how lovely the countryside is. I've considered living here when I retire,...
38.772437307443 -83.9907273468882



"Barbourville kentucky is a great place to Live very low Cri..."

- JoeS1
i have lived here 10 years love it very friendly place to live
36.8627304570303 -83.8774846548334



"The spirit of the Bourbon Capital of the World!"

- JohnR
Bardstown is primarily known for one thing, and that is Bourbon. This is, after all, the famous Bourbon Capital of the World, and the residents are pretty proud of this fact. This gives Bardstown qu...
37.8117884822232 -85.4589135343566



"Bardwell lacks anything fun to do to keep many interested"

- Jimels555
Bardwell is a tiny little town of around 800 people that has very little going on overall. It's a ways South of me in Independence, and I can't say I'm a big fan. There really aren't many reasons...
36.8719328804476 -89.0084631353549



"Not much to do outside of a few local festivals"

- Jimels555
I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of Bedford. It's an extremely small town, with I believe less than a thousand residents, and there are very few places to eat, shop, have a drink or have any r...
38.5941983689305 -85.3170620791099



"A few fun events make Benton a place to visit!"

- Jimels555
Benton is a small town, but it's still known for a few things that make it a lot of fun to visit, and if you really like the feel I'd suggest staying as this is a nice, welcoming town. The first time...
36.8493075761892 -88.3656995541297



"Historic schools, artistic community & plenty of restaurants..."

- JohnR
Berea is a wonderful and fairly famous town. You might not expect this considering its size (a little under 15,000 residents) but there's actually quite a bit going on here that's been noticed on a n...
37.5950296243263 -84.2900586180761

"College street in a college town."

- ancjr
The best part of living here seemed to be that nothing was far away. A short drive could take you to anything from the park to the mall. Traffic was congested at times, but never unbearably so. The...
36.9736285076171 -86.4302066902143

"Good for families - Solid community and plenty of baseball"

- Jimels555
The other reviewer mostly got it right when talking about Brandenburg. There isn't a whole lot going on here. With only about 2000 people living in Brandenburg you don't get a lot of quality restaur...
38.0010429134383 -86.1788395877906



"Lucky to be so close to Lexington!"

- Jimels555
Carlisle is a nice rural town that benefits greatly from its close proximity to Lexington, and it's not too distant from Louisville either, so there's this feeling that you can get to more exciting pl...
38.3168119812024 -84.0310269385871

"Carrollton has a great park for a weeklong getaway!"

- Jimels555
I have one main experience with Carrollton that has forever put the town in my good graces. At the suggestion of a friend, a group of buddies and I rented a cabin in General Butler Resort State Park....
38.6771390536669 -85.1606213524502



"More going on than most of Kentucky!"

- Jimels555
Covington is a great city, and one of the larger ones in this part of Kentucky. Sure, it doesn't quite compare to Lexington for sheer size, but it's still bigger than most other towns, and this works...
39.0283372042364 -84.5218305316656



"Cynthiana has lots of History, but not a lot to do today!"

- JohnR
Cynthiana has a lot of history that gives the town a distinct flavor, even amongst the many historic towns of Kentucky. This is an old state with a lot of history everywhere, but Cynthiana has taken...
38.3853076290646 -84.3001311299446



"A City of Firsts - People come and Stay!"

- Jimels555
Danville is an old town, and I don't just mean it was founded a long time ago. That's true of most of Kentucky. I visited the town website just to see what they have to say about themselves, and it'...
37.6462815844815 -84.7675938693506



"Very family living type atmosphere"

- Aloisec1
I would describe this street as pleasantville. Its almost everything a family or couple could ask for. Everything is pretty, including the people that walk up and down the street in the appropriate mo...
39.0126071793958 -84.5591886632451

"You can try just visiting, but you'll want to stay"

- JohnR
Elizabethtown belongs to an old school of Kentucky. I don't know of another town this size (around 30,000 people) that is also this tight-knit. It's a challenging mix to find. Usually you find bigg...
37.7108191745119 -85.87792736646
37.7037395667368 -84.7080298973551 4

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