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Indianapolis city (balance)
Ranked 1st best city in Indiana
39.7984458779987 -86.1440388893821


Ranked 2nd best city in Indiana

"East side of Merchants Square"

- rharris465
Keystone Way is on the East side of Merchants Square and offers plenty of places to eat and shop. It runs along Keystone Ave, but can be tricky to get on and off of Carmel Dr.
39.9662597609149 -86.0922434319907

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"Perfect small town location"

- jaimesgirl
Hamilton is a short street in this small town. Perfect for raising children, the neighborhood is quiet and clean. The residents are friendly but not nosy, and willing to help each other. There are ple...
40.3067971201743 -85.2302768277321

"Beverly Shores...this area is abandoned. The Parks took con..."

- jonblack1988
Dewey Culver Avenue was a great place when I lived on the street from 1942 to 1985. We loved running along the Lake watching the wind blow the waves from our porch. When my father died, he left he...
41.6830180780417 -86.9763912494359



"Great place for everyone!"

- EPhilly
What a great city! This is one of THE BEST places to raise a family. Amazing sense of community as well. The biggest issue I have with the city is the issue of parking and traffic during the school...
39.1576482830452 -86.5461052550799



"Latest major commercial development in Clark County"

- ancjr
Veterans Parkway is essentially the spill-over from Hwy 131, which has filled to capacity with malls, retail and restaurants. Veterans Parkway is lined with many large retail stores such as Sams Club...
38.329115522246 -85.7725060468428

"Main artery of Georgetown, Indiana"

- ancjr
This area has seen great amounts of growth over the past decade and is now almost a constant parade of traffic. It does seem to always move in an orderly fashion, however. Numerous posted speed limi...
39.8134009042228 -85.136478624793

"A dead city in the middle of nowhere"

- JasonS2
I relocated up here from Huntsville, AL through my work about a year ago. Most of the available housing options are horrific (the houses are old and in various states of disrepair). There is a high le...
37.9916987391351 -87.5511889228914



"Growing Indianapolis Suburb"

- JohnO2
Fishers is one of the fastest growing towns - soon to be a "city" in Indiana. Fishers is in the southeastern corner of Hamilton County. The most affluent county in Indiana also includes Carmel, Westfi...
39.9282161077406 -85.909442185231

"It's a cute little starter town make a life for your self wh..."

- tacoism
fort wayne ain't much of a big city i mean a lot of it is kinda a backward little town but here it feels a bit like chicago minus all the crime you can walk around at night and not die but also there...
41.0763361306568 -85.1453781495519



"Home Town America"

- racinirl
Great place for anyone to live, work and play. Older homes have all the charactor and size for any family.
39.4955895919495 -86.0556566017326



"Small town charm, but developing very rapidly."

- ancjr
This street is a major artery from the suburbs to the cities of New Albany and Louisville for a great deal of Floyd and Harrison counties. Unfortunately, it has had a great deal of development take p...
38.3713526950291 -85.9840326971129



"Great homes in established neighborhood!"

- roadqueenie
Raccoon Run is a great street to live on, the only traffic we get is people living on this street. It is secluded and quiet.
39.6041751248674 -86.1121839385448



"Griffith the Mayberry of Northern Lake County"

The first 5 blocks of N. Lafayette are a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Lafayette st offers a mix of incomes and home owner ages to keep the block lively and fun. There are blue and whi...
41.530569557605 -87.4209475529181



"A decent city that has perks."

- HammondChick
I have lived in Hammond, Indiana all my life (all 23 years of it) and I prefer South Hammond over North Hammond. I have only recently seen Hammond going bad but it’s still a pretty good place. South...
41.6043016652958 -87.4909111360288



"Ok for singles"

- jaimesgirl
This place is very close to the downtown and very convenient for those who enjoy dive bars and seedy nightlife. Several blocks north of where I lived, the street was ok and fairly close to the high sc...
40.8760521841141 -85.5046825768963



"A fun, small town"

- cdaughtry
I really, really enjoy Jamestown. The people who live in Jamestown are really good people. It has such a "home" feel to it. It's a small town in the middle of the country and I love it! It's right on...
39.9279194708609 -86.6272574523645

"Booming residential area"

- ancjr
This area was but a few years ago an expanse of corn fields. It is increasingly being developed into residential property. Conveniently located a few miles from Clarksville, and Interstate 65. Seem...
38.3361164459843 -85.6940381274892



"Very affordable condos in an older private neighborhood"

- condodweller
Hanover Drive is a quiet street which is very nice. These condo units were built in the mid 1970's by National Homes. The complex is nicely landscaped and the mature trees are a nice feature. No club...
40.4068548498448 -86.8589545739756



"Quiet, nice and safe."

- Lulua
Lebanon is a nice and safe area to live in. Everything is within 3-4 minutes from Countryside Drive.
40.0535775479067 -86.4740978910237
39.5178315186 -86.4473028814794 4

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