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Ranked 1st best city in Alabama

"Up and comming Art District and Birmingham's GLBT Ghetto"

- Weirdeastlake
Since 2005 there has been a call for artist of all kinds to relocate and help create the Birmingham’s Art District here in our ethnic and orientation diverse, Historical East Lake Community. We encour...
33.5399734256627 -86.7650255709168

Unranked Cities



"Growing Very Quickly"

- angiedee
Alabaster is located in central Alabama, in Shelby County. It is growing very quickly and filling up with people and businesses. Located off of Highway 31 and I 65, you have good access to main road...
33.208567607266 -86.8155277410848



"underground wonder bar"

- king08
This place was an exceptional find. The atmosphere was what you'd expect from a dingy jazz dive bar. Low lights And an amazing jazz band made this place "wonder" ful. Service was okay and the reason i...
31.0391815269259 -87.4908923374308



"typical college town w/ a lil alabama crazy"

- Una
cute village. love walking to the university, except down my street which does not have a sidewalk. most of my neighbors are friendly, although there is a crazy laundry troll at the apartment shar...
32.6009872063125 -85.4954690492799



"Busy, Busy, Busy!"

- Boylen33
Highway 280 is without a doubt the busiest street in Birmingham, Al. You can find anything and everything you want or need on Highway 280. This very long major highway connects Jefferson and Shelby...
33.3262298967736 -86.6322690685071



"A nice city where almost everyone treats you like family"

- barlow
Really good. i go to school here and the school system is great!
34.8299242775449 -87.6583755515975



"Great small town"

- steelslinger
Known for great schools, low crime, and sadly bad traffic Helena is a gem of a town. While Alabama crime stats are nothing to brag about (1 in 222 people will be a victim) Helena does like to brag abo...
33.2694372999628 -86.9194570751794



"Great place to live"

- Boylen33
Lakeshore drive is a great place to consider living. Lakeshore drive is located just outside of downtown Birmingham. There is tons of shopping. There are also tons of restaurants, including fast fo...
33.4543271180373 -86.8167424740558



"Can anyone say shopping?"

- bambampebble
John Hawkins Parkway is a very busy street simply because it has the busiest shopping mall in the Birmingham area located off of it. New stores are constantly being opened in the galleria as well as...
33.3819680621621 -86.8216260721475



"Huntsville Alabama still has the feel of a small town but ha..."

- philipwinburn
We have been in Huntsville for almost 30 years and can't think of a better place to be. Even through the economic downturn Huntsville has provided well paying jobs and a low cost of living. One must c...
34.6935116716189 -86.6112650828238


34.7220152835177 -86.7518543163902



"Feels Like Home"

- sthrnmiss
Hillcrest Road in Mobile, AL is one of those streets where you always feel at home. A lot of the street is residential, however, the northern part of Hillcrest is dedicated to retail shopping. On th...
30.653734141482 -88.109845311413

"Beautiful drive through the campus."

- Mitestarossa
This beautiful road drives through the campus of Alabama State University. South University Drive runs west from East University Drive through the heart of the campus and everything that you need inc...
32.3591042208433 -86.2360960179706

"Nice neighborhood on the hill"

- aintnosunshine
At the bottom of the hill, there's a shopping center with a Whole Foods. It's the only one in the entire state, and it's great. Further up, there's a lot of nice little houses and condos. It's a good...
33.485665040617 -86.7372287490809



"I lived on Moorfield Drive first 18 years of life........"

- jwcjr1
Developed in the 1950's by Joe Johnson & his brother Seaborn Johnson. My father built the first house to be occupied in 1951 and lived there for almost 60 years. My father got the developers to run...
33.4194318423709 -86.112241409014



"Large town with small time feel but big city options"

- ChelseaSR
I've lived in Mobile (horrible), Birmingham(great), Montgomery (not too bad) and Tuscaloosa and Tuscaloosa is by far the best! This city is not your average college town. There is fine dining, family...
33.1763213705554 -87.5532217662794

"southwood road"

- bamaman
this is a great street. close to all the birmingham essentials. continues to appreciate at above average rate. fine folks live here. good mix of young and old. lots of folks renovating, but there...
33.4386364241911 -86.7581203866255

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31.5559616815639 -85.2467087815114
33.5896004770448 -86.9592899653474


34.2028664239551 -87.1749344794618
32.245027732869 -86.7883339540236 4