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25th Ave Northeast, Ravenna / Bryant

47.6751382216771 -122.300652114727
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May 28, 2009

"Shopping Mall Street"

To be honest, I'm surprised this street showed up on Street Advisor! It's probably the "main" street that goes through the University Village outdoor shopping center. It's not a bad street, although crowded! There are several entrances and smaller streets that navigate through the U-village, and I would avoid this one during peak shopping days, especially holidays and weekends. The sheer number of cars that go in and out of this entrance is bad enough, but the other problem is all the crosswalks that are along this street. On busy shopping days, it's really hard to get anywhere driving in this street because of all the people crossing it! The only benefit is that there is a traffic light at this entrance, which makes turning left when exiting the village a lot easier than some of the other entrances.

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